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Looking for a summer job? This Arizona city ranks No. 2 in the U.S.




Scottsdale may be a prime destination for Arizonans seeking part-time work and other employment opportunities as the summer months roll in.

In a recent study by financial researcher WalletHub, Scottsdale was ranked as the No. 2 U.S. city for summer jobs in 2024.

The study, which pulled data from 21 metrics, follows a similar WalletHub analysis published earlier this year in which Scottsdale was ranked as the best city nationally for employment overall.

Cassandra Happe, an analyst for WalletHub, attributes these findings to Scottsdale’s “high median income for part-time workers,” which attracts a “young, motivated workforce.”

Scottsdale’s “economic vitality fosters local spending and contributes to regional economic growth, enhancing Scottsdale’s appeal and driving overall prosperity in the Valley,” Happe said.

Scottsdale’s median income for part-time workers, close to $34,000 per year, makes it among the highest-earning cities for part-timers in the country among the communities evaluated. It allows laborers to earn “a substantial amount,” Happe said.

There’s a good employment outlook in Scottsdale, with 28% more employers expecting to add employees than cut jobs, making finding a job easier for those on the lookout, according to the study.

Scottsdale also has the 11th-most internship opportunities and the 9th-most part-time job openings per capita in the country, according to WalletHub, using metrics pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Council for Community and Economic Research.

Scottsdale has a relatively low unemployment rate for young adults between 16 and 24, too. A competitive job market and low cost of public transportation mean “ample opportunities” for part-time workers and young job seekers this summer, Happe said.

Happe said a variety of industries in Scottsdale have current or expected openings, including positions in customer service, construction, retail, hospitality, and finances.

She said that seasonality is a significant contributing factor to the city’s “healthy and expanding” job market, as summertime outdoor positions tailored to the Arizona heat, such as swim instructors, lifeguards and camp counselors, are largely geared toward people seeking part-time work.

The reason for this abundance in employment accessibility, Happe said, is due to Scottsdale’s “thriving economy” and “unique hiring pattern.”

“Scottsdale’s reputation as a desirable place to live and work has drawn talent from across the country, creating a diverse pool of qualified candidates for companies to choose from,” Happe said. “The city’s business-friendly environment and favorable tax policies make it an attractive location for companies to establish or expand their operations.”

As a result of the market boom and a steady influx of businesses, an increase in demand for skilled workers has helped reinforce Scottsdale as one of the top cities in the U.S. for employment, Happe said.

“The combination of economic growth, business-friendly policies, a desirable living environment, and a focus on innovation has contributed to Scottsdale’s high employment rates and hiring needs,” said Happe.

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