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Local seniors staying fit on Senior Health and Fitness Day – WXXV News 25



Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day! News 25’s Austin Lindsey has more on how a local wellness studio makes sure its seniors stay fit.

“I was walking with a walker last year in a lot of knee pain, ankle pain, and it was very depressing because I couldn’t get up the curb.”

“I never dreamed that I would have trouble going up and down stairs. I had pretty much lost the ability to do that without help.”

When their health started to decline, Anita and Roberta felt like they had to put their life on pause, but Cathy Wildscheutz, owner of Naturally Guided Health in Ocean Springs, would show them otherwise. “The program that I developed has five principles: balance, flexibility, strength, posture, and cognition. If you don’t have balance, then you’re probably not too flexible and if you have a lot of pain, you’re not going to be very strong because you’re trying to stay out of pain. So, I try to work on all of it at the same time.”

The CDC finds that elders who are inactive are more at risk for chronic diseases. Cathy’s program aims to take away the fear elders feel. “And so, if I can help develop that strength and the right way to get up and down that helps build their confidence to go out with their friends to do things. I don’t want them to sit on their couch. I want them out enjoying South Mississippi and all that we have to offer.”

Anita and Roberta say joining a class geared towards elder wellness has improved their quality of life. “We know that we can do whatever we want to do. We just have to get up off that recliner and do it.”

“It’s a really good thing and it makes you feel like you know, yes, we are getting older, but we don’t have to throw in the towel.”

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