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Lincoln gym honors fallen heroes with workout



LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – For Memorial Day weekend, people around the country are celebrating and honoring those who have fought and died for our country. One gym in Lincoln is honoring fallen heroes with a vigorous workout fit for military members.

Iron Bourne Fitness joined thousands of other gyms around the country for the Murph Workout. It was named after the late Lt. Michael Murphy, who died in Afghanistan in June of 2005.

Murphy was known for his love of fitness and incorporated CrossFit training in his training as a Navy Seal. Saturday, veterans and patrons at the gym gave it their all in his honor.

“This is something we do every year not to just honor those who made the sacrifice and aren’t able to do it themselves so we do it for them,” said Amanda Tinklin, owner and coach.

“We don’t just honor Murphy today, but all veterans and those who are not able to be here,” said Shane Larsen, veteran and athlete.

The Murph Workout consists of a mile run, followed by 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 squats. Then when participants were done, they would finish the exercise with another mile run. Participants got to wind down afterward with a barbecue cookout at the gym.

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