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Letter: Let’s up our game for biking infrastructure



Out of a lovely temperate spring season, springs the alarm and anger against our youthful teens on electric bikes terrorizing the complacency of our civilized society by riding rude over our sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and invading our roadways. But ignoring the issues (as usual) of the lag and complacencies of the infrastructures; social, educational, political, and of our savage over-consumptive “domination” of nature.

Confined to their single rooms with computer gaming – COVID – and classrooms, their whole lives, our beloved capital system has finally supplied a technological means for young people – from three-year-olds to adults, an affordable excuse and avenue of engagement with the world “outside.” But they do that without infrastructure that supports their (or our) “civilized” coexistence with each other – or with nature.

Add to that climate change, our own unsustainable transportation system, manifesting in a warming planet, our unsustainable – pot holed and crumbling streets and pedestrian paths and parkways. Biking seniors complain about dodging failed asphalt all along our major creekside bike/pedian way, weary of the difficulties of riding a bike through Bidwell Park or along Little Chico Creek. Courtesy and civility are taught, but they must also be enhanced by supportive infrastructure.

We need political and public education, designated and off-street paths, ADA compliance, signage, stripping, and emobility parking, maintenance stations, and overall mandatory education in schools, and public offices. Because of the urgency of the age; we, our public officials and educators all need to quickly up our games.

— Richard Roth, Chico


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