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Leaked Video Allegedly Shows Colorado Football Players Gambling In Team Facility



Getty Image / iStockphoto

Deion Sanders’ first year as the head college football coach at Colorado did not end well. The Buffaloes started hot at 3-0 before a frustrating collapse saw them miss out on a bowl game at 4-8.

There has been a lot of chatter about the problems in Boulder and the culture has been called into question on multiple occasions over the last 18 or so months.

Coach Prime is a boisterous individual. That can rub people the wrong way. Especially when he and his son, Shedeur, are openly mocking former Colorado players online— even if they might’ve started it.

A new video from last season that has emerged in recent days may not reflect well on Deion Sanders’ program.

The actions that appear occur in the 12-second clip are not confirmed. It is alleged behavior at this point.

However, the video seems to show a group of athletes gathered to shoot street craps in the Buffaloes’ team facility. People in the video are gambling. Money can be seen on the floor.

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