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Katy Perry to release single ‘Woman’s World’ ahead of new Dr. Perry collaboration



Katy Perry to release single ‘Woman’s World’ ahead of new Dr. Perry collaboration


Katy Perry recently announced the upcoming release of her sixth album, with single “Woman’s World” to be released Thursday night. The song, based on female empowerment, was in collaboration with Dr. Luke, a music producer who recently settled a lengthy lawsuit with Kesha, beginning with rape allegations in 2014.

Here’s what we know about Perry’s release and relationship with Dr. Luke.

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Katy Perry releases ‘Woman’s World’ ahead of album ‘143’

Perry is releasing her song “Woman’s World” at 7 p.m. on Thursday, she announced on Instagram. The single is on her newest album, “143,” with a release date of Sept. 20.

When does Katy Perry’s new album come out?

Perry’s sixth studio album “143” comes out on Sept. 20, the celebrity announced on social media. Fans are able to pre-order the album.

‘143’ Meaning: Katy Perry

According to a post from Pop Crave on X, formerly Twitter, “143” translates to “I love you.” When pagers were used as a primary means of communication in the ’90s, “143” was sent as a quick way to say “I love you,” and aligns with the number of letters in each word.

Katy Perry collaborates with Dr. Luke on ‘143’

Dr. Luke, who’s full name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, is a music producer who’s been accused of sexually assaulting celebrity women, most famously Kesha. Dr. Luke worked with Perry on hit songs including “California Gurls” and “I Kissed A Girl” before Kesha filed a lawsuit against the producer in 2014.

Fans are responding to Perry’s decision to collaborate with Dr. Luke on her newest single on social media. TikTok user @aleszkof said people are “furious” at the singer. “She’s coming back to the music industry after years of not putting out any music and the first song she decides to release is called “Woman’s World,” and it is being produced by Dr Luke,” said user aleszkof. “He is a music producer. He’s worked with a lot of artists but he’s best known for being the person who allegedly (sexually assaulted) and harassed and emotionally abused Kesha.”

“There have also been other women who have spoken out against him but now, with Katy Perry who decides to release her first single in years and call it ‘Woman’s World’ about being a girl’s girl, why are you working with Dr Luke who’s so publicly known for sexually assaulting women? Allegedly.”

Kesha responds to Katy Perry, Dr. Luke’s collaboration. Releases single ‘Joyride’

Kesha released her own single, “Joyride,” on July 4 ahead of Perry’s single, and is rumored to be a feud over Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke, as previously reported by the Daily Mail.

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