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Kathryn Bernardo introduces hot new fitness trainer



Kathryn Bernardo introduces hot new fitness trainer

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Kathryn Bernardo debuted her hot new “revenge body” as a new Century Tuna “Superbod” at last night’s Century Tuna Superbods 2024 finals in Marriott Manila Hotel in Pasay City.

During the program, Kathryn was interviewed by event hosts Robi Domingo and Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel.

At the interview, Kathryn shared that she started preparing for her sexy dance number for the finals night last week, and as for her “Superbod” body, she thanked her fitness trainer, Mauro Lumba.

“Of course, the preparation for the body. It took months of preparation ever since I did the TVC (TV commercial). I continued working out with my trainer, which is Mauro Lumba. I think he is here,” she said of Mauro, who was sitting among the audience.

“He’s been very patient as well. So shout out to my trainer!” Kathryn said.

Lumba was 2014 Century Tuna Superbods grand winner alongside former actress Sara Polverini.

Based on his Instagram posts, he now has a partner and a daughter.

Apart from fitness training, Kathryn credited her new physique to healthy and balanced diet.

“I think to become the best version of ourselves, it comes with growth,” she said. “For me, as long as you have awareness and you have the willingness to grow every day…” 

She also vouched for the 1% habit: “I believe in the 1% habit. I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, like every day, you try to be 1% better… So just keep that in mind every day that you can’t do anything overnight. So 1% progress, little wins, little progress and you give yourself a few months and maybe a few years or maybe a year and then you’ll see a huge difference. But I have to keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight!”

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