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Jontay Porter Banned For Life From The NBA After Gambling Controversy



Jontay Porter is officially banned from the NBA after the league handed down its ruling after accusations of gambling misconduct. Porter’s NBA career is over after the NBA found him guilty of manipulating his own prop bets. Suspicious activity on certain sports books sparked discussion a few weeks ago when it was found that a disproportionate amount of users were betting and winning on Porter prop bets. Additionally, Porter’s on-court behavior garnered suspicion. Porter would seemingly come down with injuries early into checking into games, which resulted in bets for a bad performance.

Porter was also found to have been betting on NBA games through a surrogate account belonging to someone he knows. The NBA released a statement detailing the decision and investigation that determined Porter’s guilt. The NBA is putting the hammer down. Furthermore, the league is setting the tone and is telling its players that gambling is grounds for a ban. NBA commissioner had recently alluded to a lifetime ban being completely on the table. The league followed through with that consequence.

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The NBA Details Jontay Porter’s Lifetime Ban

The NBA found that Porter was guilty of providing sports bettors with his health status for games. This information would help them bet the under on Porter’s performance, winning guaranteed bets. Porter would check into a gameplay a few minutes and come out of the game with an eye injury, for example. The numbers that were being won due to Porter’s scheme are ridiculous. One bettor bet $80,000 on Porter and won over 1.1 Million dollars. The individual won the money in a game where Proter played but left the game almost immediately after telling his coaching staff he was sick.

Sports books started to take notice. So much money was being won on a role player on a team that isn’t very good. The alarm bells began to ring, and pretty soon, the NBA was investigating after the information started circulating on social media. The NBA also found Porter was betting on NBA games for what looks like pocket change when compared to an NBA paycheck. Jontay Porter, the brother of Denver Nuggets forward and NBA champion Michael Porter Jr will never play in the NBA again.

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