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Is ‘Ghosts’ on tonight? How to watch Thursday



Is ‘Ghosts’ on tonight? How to watch Thursday


A new episode of “Ghosts” airs Thursday night.

Episode 8 of the spooky-comedy series, “Holes Are Bad,” airs on CBS tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Here’s what to know about “Ghosts” and how to watch Thursday.

Is ‘Ghosts’ on tonight?

“Ghosts” airs Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET. Watch on CBS.

Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers can also stream the series live and on demand. Paramount+ Essential subscribers can stream “Ghosts” episodes the day after they air.

When does filming for season 4 of ‘Ghosts’ start?

According to Collider, Richie Moriarty, who stars as Pete on “Ghosts,” shed light on the show’s tentative upcoming schedule at a recent “Ghosts” event at the Library of Congress.

“So, we will start season 4 probably mid-July-ish and then go until roughly early February, I would guess,” he told the outlet. “But yeah, we don’t have a schedule yet. We know mid-July is kind of our target date.”

Who plays Flower on ‘Ghosts’?

Flower is a hippie ghost portrayed by actor Sheila Carrasco.

Is Flower coming back to ‘Ghosts’?

Flower appeared to get “sucked off,” a term the show uses for characters who move on in the afterlife, at the end of season 2.

In the third season’s Halloween episode, the cast of “Ghosts” tried to get Flower back to Woodstone with a seance. It was unsuccessful, but Flower’s voice could be heard calling for Thor from the depths of a well on the property.

Will Flower get rescued and make a full return? Showrunner Joe Port previously told TV Insider not to fully count her out.

“The show, as you’ve seen, deals with heaven and hell and the earthly plane, and there’s plenty of room to see somebody whether they’re at the mansion or not,” he said. “So, could we see her? I think it’s always a possibility, even if someone’s ‘sucked off’ or ‘went down on them.’”

Carrasco welcomed her first child in November, around the time filming for season 3 started. Port said her real-life pregnancy was “just one factor” that led to her possibly being “sucked off,” and thus absent from the show.

Is Sam from ‘Ghosts’ pregnant?

Rose McIver, who stars on “Ghosts” as Sam, revealed her real-life pregnancy at the Golden Globes.

However, her character on the show is not pregnant.

“We’re not writing it in,” showrunner Joe Wiseman told TV Insider. “Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids.”

Wiseman said it felt too early in the series to introduce a baby, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen later on.

The showrunner also said they don’t anticipate any availability issues from McIver, so the show’s airing schedule shouldn’t be affected.

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