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I’m Entering my Regal Era—5 Bridgerton-Inspired Trends I Genuinely Want to Wear



Bridgerton is finally back, and with it comes the urge to don outfits that the season’s Diamond herself would be proud of. Full of romantic frills and lavish layers, the regency wardrobe champions typically feminine silhouettes and dramatic details, and although I won’t be stepping out in a floor-sweeping gown any time soon, I’m more than ready to indulge in a few regency-inspired trends to pretty up my summer wardrobe.

The aesthetic has been aptly dubbed “regencycore” on social media, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the trend take off. Aligning with the airing of Bridgerton season one in 2020, the look initially emerged as a way to indulge in the more playful parts of the regency wardrobe. Now, more than three years on, the aesthetic has seen another upsurge of interest, with Google searches spiking by 8,000% ahead of the highly-anticipated release of season three.