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I’m convinced NVIDIA’s CEO was right about coding being dead in the water as a career option after watching OpenAI’s GPT-4o coding demo



What you need to know

  • OpenAI just launched its new flagship GPT-4o model at the just-concluded Spring Update event.
  • The model can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time, making interactions with ChatGPT more intuitive.
  • Based on the demo shown during the event, the model is seemingly great at coding and detecting errors. 

Besides privacy and security, job loss is a major concern for people with the prevalence of generative AI. With companies like Microsoft and OpenAI fully invested in the technology and making significant strides, it’s unimaginable what AI will be able to do in just a few years. 

Last year, Microsoft released its third annual Work Trend Index report which pointed out that 49% of the polled participants feared losing their jobs to AI. However, the vast majority of participants disclosed that they wanted to leverage the technology’s capabilities to make work easier and save time. 

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