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I’m a Shopping Editor and This Is Everything I’m Eyeing for Summer Travel



If you, like me, often arrive at your destination with ultra-swollen feet, allow me to introduce you to the magic of compression socks. Before I started wearing the specially designed socks on flights, it could easily take a full day, or even two, for my feet to return to their regular state, but with socks like these, my recovery time is significantly reduced.

Up until now, I’ve always just picked up the cheapest pair I could find, and while effective, they’ve never been particularly comfortable. So after recently converting my regular socks to Bombas’ quarter-length styles and being seriously impressed with the way they made my feet feel, I invested in this pack that not only has a medium level of compression, but arch support, strategic cushioning and stay-up technology built-in. Sayonara, swollen feet!

Fast Facts

  • Size range: S to L
  • Material: cotton, polyester, elastane
  • Promising review: “These socks are much more comfortable and easy to put on than my previous compression socks. They made it a much more enjoyable trip and allowed me to walk and take in the sights of Italy despite my peripheral neuropathy.”
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