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I Tried On Running’s First Training Sneaker — and It’s a Must-Buy



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On Running sneakers have been on my radar for quite some time now. I’ve seen plenty of people sport them out and about in the city, which is probably since they’re well-renowned for supporting the natural movement of the foot. The brand has produced some of the best sneakers on the market, but it’s especially known for its CloudTec sole. It isn’t just an eye-catching design; it’s a unique cushioning system that adapts to your personal walking or running motion.

I first heard about the brand’s bestseller, the Cloud 5 running shoe, from board-certified dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. In fact, it’s his must have pair of sneakers. “I just think it is a really good piece of equipment to attach to the foot to really facilitate the natural movement of walking. I walk a lot, and I just like the way my foot hits the ground. I like there to be like a grip to the ground,” he previously told PS. I was instantly intrigued.

So when On Running came out with its first-ever training shoe, the Cloudpulse sneaker ($150), I was eager to try it. As someone who prefers strength training and light cardio, I felt like the shoe was made to fit my lifestyle. Keep reading to see why they are worth the hype.

What’s the Criteria For a Good Sneaker?

A good sneaker should feel supportive on your feet, and a training shoe specifically should deliver stability. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing your ideal sneaker, including the shape of your foot and the purpose of the sneaker. For example, a running shoe is constructed differently compared to a training sneaker or a hiking shoe. I was seeking a supportive shoe that didn’t cause fatigue through the legs, but kept me grounded and stable while training.

What I Like About the On Cloudpulse Sneaker

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The moment I put these shoes on, I felt exactly what Dr. Gross was describing when it comes to foot motion. The Cloudpulse sneaker adds a slight momentum to my gait. Whether it’s long walks along Central Park, grocery runs, or morning hot girl walks on an inclined treadmill, I can feel the shoe propel me to keep moving forward. This is probably due to the sneaker’s slight upward curvature at the toe and heel, as well as the brand’s Helion superfoam midsole that delivers bounce.

My everyday gym routine consists of a 10 to 15 minute walk and a 30-minute strength training session. Although I love my leg days, I loathe lunges, Bulgarian split squats, or anything that requires a decent amount of balance skills. However, these sneakers are game changers and actually make me feel even more steady. The built-in padding structure helps prevent my foot from turning inwards or outwards, keeping it right in place.

The sneakers also have cushioning in all the right places, including around my ankle, with extra support for my arched feet. I never feel fatigued or experience any discomfort in my feet or legs when I work out in these sneakers. I also appreciate that the top part of the shoe is lightweight and breathable with a reinforced mesh, which is ideal for warmer weather.

What to Consider Before Trying the On Cloudpulse Sneaker

The On Cloudpulse Sneaker is a versatile option, suitable for a wide range of activities including strength training. However, it’s recommended to wear flatter, roomier shoes for lifting heavy, so these sneakers may not be the ideal choice for those who focus on Olympic-style weight lifting or heavy-weighted movements. Most of my strength training is under 75 pounds, and I’m not pushing myself to lift the heaviest I can, so for me, these shoes provide the stability I need for my lifting range and goals.

Who’s the On Cloudpulse Sneaker Best For?

Although On is known for running shoes, the brand perfectly blends the benefits of its CloudTec with structure that results in a balanced training sneaker. This shoe is ideal for those who often work out at the gym, whether it’s strength training, HIIT, boot camp classes, cardio on the treadmill, or the Stairmaster.

Additional Details:

  • It comes in regular and wide sizing, ranging from women’s five to 11 and men’s seven to 14.
  • You can shop it in four different colorways.

Where Is the On Cloudpulse Sneaker Available?

The On Cloudpulse Sneaker is available on the brand’s site.


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