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I tried Gordon Ramsay’s 10-minute steak-sandwich recipe. It was delicious but took me almost an hour to make.



Labeling this as a 10-minute sandwich makes it seem deceptively low-effort, but I still enjoyed it.

In total, I spent a little under $50 to make the sandwich.

Lara Walsh

The recipe was pretty hands-on and stressful, as all the ingredients needed to be cooked in a particular order and, in some cases, at the same time. Taking too long on one step could lead to a component getting overcooked.

In addition, Ramsay didn’t really give exact timing for each step, so it was hard to know when things were “done.” An experienced cook might have a better idea of timing, but I’d recommend avoiding multitasking if you’re less experienced. This way, you can keep a close eye on the food as it cooks.

Even though Ramsay initially emphasized how important it is to rest the meat (which I typically do for 10 minutes), I didn’t see him doing that during the video, which made me feel like some of the steps maybe weren’t shown on camera for the sake of time.

Overall, it ended up taking me 50 minutes to make this sandwich instead of 10, but I’m still really happy with how the finished product turned out.

Each ingredient in Ramsay’s steak sandwich added a delicious pop of flavor, and it wasn’t as expensive to make at home as I’d anticipated. I spent a little under $50 for all the ingredients and had plenty left over for additional tries.

One sandwich was more than enough for two people, so I’ll definitely be trying to recreate this meal again. Next time, however, I’ll hopefully nail the steak and bread a little better.

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