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I.C.O.N Dry Shampoo is better than the rest, and that’s saying something



A good hair day is a one-in-a-million shot sometimes. After using your favorite shampoo and conditioner (and, once a week, a strand-soothing hair mask), it can still look a little, well, not the way you want it to.

And, if we’re trying to “train” our hair to extend beyond an every-two-day wash, dry shampoo will be your very best friend. However, after testing more than a dozen dry shampoos for three years straight, there’s none that’s as good as one I’ve tried somewhat recently.

Enter the I.C.O.N. Dry Shampoo. When the first thought that came to my mind was, “Wow, this is better than amika and Living Proof,” you know it’s saying something.

There’s something about this formulation that simply *works*. It does the best job at removing oil and, though sprays a dusting of white when initially applied, I kid you not, it disappears in a second. Its scent is fresh, its staying power is phenomenal and its lightweight, barely there finish is one I rave about all the time.


For nearly $30, it’s a product that I can assure you is worth the hype and seemingly on-par with amika’s dry shampoo ($27) and Living Proof’s version ($30). After shaking well, simply spray it onto your roots about five to six inches apart and voilà: volume and a good hair day.

How it’s so effective? It contains three active ingredients that all work in tandem to fluff-en and freshen up my hair:

  • Rich starch flour: This absorbs excess oils for a fresh look and a matte finish.
  • Barley seed flour: This provides scalp nourishment and helps restore volume.
  • Nephelium seed: This helps protect your hair from environmental pollutants and provides moisture.

While this is a newer launch from the brand, I’ve been using I.C.O.N.’s products for months. It’s surely a brand that deserves more attention than it deserves, especially for its Cleansing Shampoo ($34) and Conditioning Treatment ($36).

After using these products, you won’t have to use a dry shampoo for about two or three days, though I love spraying it occasionally for some instant volume, especially before touching up my blowout with a curling iron.

If you’re on the market for an exceptional dry shampoo — and no other seems to do it for you — the I.C.O.N. Dry Shampoo is your best bet. Trust me, after cycling through hair formulas for years, you’re getting the real intel here first.

This article was written by Victoria Giardina, New York Post Commerce Journalist & Content Strategist, who has spent countless hours researching, testing hundreds of products and comparing the latest and greatest makeup, skincare, hair and beauty items and trends to determine what’s truly worth your hard-earned cash. She evaluates formulas, textures, ingredients and more, in addition to consulting medical and industry experts. Some of Victoria’s latest conquests include reviewing the viral Korean beauty brand, Cosrx, and testing dermatologist-recommended acne cleansers. Victoria has been creating shopping guides for the New York Post since 2021 and previously held positions at Insider Reviews and CNN Underscored.

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