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Huawei’s Pura 70 series flagship houses a motorized retractable camera for over $1,300



Huawei has come around to release the Pura 70 series, which consists of four individual models. One of the Pura 70 models incorporates a unique camera function that doesn’t make an appearance too often – the motorized retractable camera.

The Huawei P60 is just around a year old, and the company is ready to inject the lineup with new life. This year, Huawei is announcing the Pura 70 lineup (via Android Authority). That series includes the Pura 70 base model, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro Plus, and Pura 70 Pura Ultra. The latter is, of course, the most expensive and houses the more expensive tech.

The base model isn’t something to shrug off, as it comes with an LTPO OLED display, a 4,9000mAh battery, and 12GB of RAM with up to 1TB of storage. Huawei doesn’t mention that the SoC is powering any of the four phones, and rumors are inconclusive up in the air.

Huawei Pura 70

The Pura Pro and Pura 70 Pro Plus bring marginal improvements over the foundational variant, with very little to distinguish either of them from the other. The main difference between devices is the RAM count, as the Pura 70 Pro Plus carries 16GB of RAM while the Pura 70 Pro only has 12GB of RAM.

Both the Pura 70 Pro and Pro Plus have a 50MP main camera sensor and a 12.5MP ultrawide angle lens with a 48MP telephoto complimenting unit. They both bring a 5,050mAh battery, with 100W wired fast charging and 80W wireless charging.

The Pura 70 Ulta utilizes the same charging structure and speeds with a slightly larger battery at 5,200mAh battery. It also brings the higher 16GB of RAM and 512GB or 1TB of storage.

Where the Pura 70 Ultra differs from the entire line is in the camera. The main unit is a 50MP 1-inch sensor, which would normally be incredibly difficult to fit in a thin device. However, Huawei decided to pack the Pura 70 Ultra with a retractable lens that can accommodate that sensor. The larger unit means more light, and according to Huawei, it means you can capture moving vehicles going 300km/h, which sits at 186mph. This would generally require more light on a traditional camera at a higher shutter speed. A larger sensor would accomplish this. The Pura 70 Ultra also brings an ultrawide lens and telephoto camera to complement the massive main unit.

Huawei is only releasing the Pura 70 series in China for the time being, though it’s expected the series may go global at some point. The Pura 70 base model will go for 5,499 yuan, or $760. At the higher end, the Pura 70 Ultra will cost users 9,999 yuan, which is around $1,380

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