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How Did Brooklynn Die in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory?



When Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous ended, fans were happy that the Nublar Six got to go back home to America. They endured torture on Isla Nublar after the park became overrun by dinosaurs. Little did they know they’d meet a world where dinosaurs were out in the wild, hitching the show to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Now, Jurassic World: Chaos Theory follows up years later with the Nublar Six thrown into a world of trouble. That’s because, as the trailers revealed, Brooklynn died, kickstarting a haunting domino effect. However, there is a shocking twist regarding why Brooklynn leaves a blood trail behind and the ramifications that ensue.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory Season 1 Kills Brooklynn In a Deadly Scandal


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Brooklynn’s death isn’t seen in the opening of the Netflix CGI cartoon. Instead, it’s just mentioned with flashbacks interspersed here and there. All audiences know is that Brooklynn met a grim end. As Darius and Brooklynn’s ex, Kenji, link up and argue, more pieces of the puzzle come together. It turns out, Kenji and Brooklynn broke up because she was obsessed with Dark Jurassic. She followed many conspiracy theories on this website, which led to dinosaur smuggling.

Fans of Jurassic World Dominion would connect this current prequel story to the black market that Owen and Claire uncovered in that film. As fate would have it, Brooklynn snuck around to a drop-off where a driver from the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife (DPW), Mateo, was supposed to bring an allosaurus. Mateo wanted extra cash, so he delivered the creatures, turned a blind eye, and let the buyers take them.

The allosaurus in Mateo’s possession, however, wasn’t sedated. The locks opened up, and the dinosaur went on a rampage. Mateo hid in the bushes, realizing that Brooklynn was snooping around. Sadly, amid her investigations, the creature ran after her. Mateo heard screams and when the dust settled, all he saw were trails of blood. At this point, the show corroborates what the opening episodes hinted at: Brooklynn was devoured by the dinosaur, which explains why Kenji harbored so much grief in the present.

Kenji thinks that if he remained with her, she would be alive. It also explains why he hates Darius. Apparently, Brooklynn stayed with Darius after the break-up, but because she didn’t reciprocate his crush, he let her take the mission on alone. Darius has felt guilty ever since, which brings him and Kenji to butt heads. Both are distraught, thinking had they been more loyal, maybe she would have been saved.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory Season 1 Reveals Brooklynn Is Alive

Brooklynn looks at her phone in Jurassic World: Chaos Theory


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Brooklynn’s death drives the teenagers to find out who set her up. Clearly, the villain knew Brooklynn was on the case, so they baited her in. The fact these individuals are now hunting the teenagers says it all. Someone is doing a clean-up job and dealing with loose ends. The teenagers learn about the corruption inside the DPW from a repentant Mateo. He wants to help out, as he has a daughter and feels guilt over what happened to Brooklynn.

In a surprise twist, however, the Chaos Theory Season 1 ending confirms Brooklynn is alive. Once Darius and friends escape the shady Whistle Woman, one of Darius’ former DPW colleagues, Ronnie, sends word to Brooklynn that a sinister DPW agent, Cabrera, is dead. Brooklynn is seen near her wall of mystery, pinning pictures and articles together. Her laptop is on, suggesting she’s still into Dark Jurassic.

Brooklynn is also shown to have lost an arm. Thus, it seems like she did have a tussle with the allosaurus, resulting in her limb being ripped off. That said, she isn’t in pain. She’s driven, determined and as motivated as ever to solve the case. No one knows what clues she has or why she kept her being alive a secret, but Brooklynn is working some bittersweet endgame

While fans are relieved Brooklynn is alive, unfortunately, by keeping quiet, she endangered her friends and let them go down a rabbit hole. They followed lethal clues and almost got eaten. To make matters worse, Kenji and Darius learn Brooklynn was working with Kenji’s incarcerated father, Daniel. The latter caused chaos in Camp Cretaceous as he wanted to keep experimenting on dinosaurs and bringing them to America for other profitable causes.

Ironically, the Whistle Woman had her pack of atrociraptors eat Daniel and Cabrera. As a consequence, the “Camp Fam” have lost all their leads. They’ll need to talk to Brooklynn in person to ascertain the truth and how all these figures factor into whatever plan she has, and if the casualties have been worth it in this extension of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory Season 2 Sets Brooklynn Up For Big Bombshells


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With Chaos Theory Season 1 hinging on Brooklynn’s death, it’s no surprise the second season has been set up to explore her resurrection. Firstly, Brooklynn will have to explain her motives and why she went into business with Daniel. He told Kenji he was building a new empire for his son to inherit. He did seem like he was genuine and trying to right wrongs before he was mauled, so Kenji will have to go on what Brooklynn says about a man they’d usually never trust. The thing is, Kenji might not trust her, either. In fact, none of the group may, not even Darius.

Brooklynn is inadvertently complicit in a lot of their drama. Thanks to her, the teenagers’ families could be in danger. Usually they tackle these things head-on and together, but for some reason, Brooklynn has rolled solo. Chaos Theory Season 2 has to address why she adopts this lone wolf mentality. It might be tied to her career. She loves streaming and always had aspirations to be a journalist. It might be that thirst for media content pushed her over the edge to act selfishly, get the scoop and expose a macabre industry.

Daniel might just have been a backer, with Brooklynn using him and his desire to look good in Kenji’s eyes. One has to hope Brooklynn also hasn’t been trading dinosaurs just to get closer to the Whistle Woman and her boss in the shadows, the Broker. At this juncture, it’s hard to put it past her. If this is the case, the gang won’t forgive her. Sammy’s PTSD is back from running away from dinosaurs. They also saw innocents get eaten, and they almost died themselves. That’s a lot to recover from in order to give Brooklynn a second chance, especially considering her impaired judgment. This approach hints that the Nublar Six maybe best as a Nublar Five.

The theme of the Camp Cretaceous episodes has always been family and loyalty. Given that, this new direction would be an unexpected yet fresh way of subverting the past while illustrating that some coming-of-age stories aren’t perfect. Friends drift apart, pursue new paths in life, and even walk dark ones if there’s something to be gained. Yaz was that person in Camp Cretaceous, working as a spy for Mantah Corp to earn money for her kin. She garnered absolution after coming clean, as she had a human, relatable and altruistic reason. With Brooklynn, however, it feels like she doesn’t care about collateral damage, as long as it inches her closer to the truth about the “dino-smuggling.”

All 10 episodes of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory are now streaming on Netflix.

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Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

In an adventurous continuation of a popular dinosaur saga, the delicate balance between humans and dinosaurs is once again disrupted. When a new, formidable hybrid dinosaur escapes containment, a seasoned team of experts must come together to prevent a catastrophe that threatens global safety.

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