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How a fitness influencer has cheaply ‘reduced his biological age’ by 24 years



An anti-ageing influencer who claims to have knocked 24 years off his internal age has revealed the secrets of his ultra-healthy regime.

Dave Pascoe, 61, claims to have reversed his biological clock thanks to his commitment to anti-ageing techniques – and unlike his multi-millionaire rival Bryan Johnson’s regume – they don’t cost a fortune.

In order to obtain a biological age of just 37 at 61, Pascoe takes 150 supplements a day and spends his time avoiding anything that could speed up the ageing process – such as sugar or stress.

But his regime goes beyond just what he puts into his body and he is also careful to avoid toxins in his environment in products such as personal care items and fabrics.

His approach is described as a holistic one and it has been claimed that his current ageing rate of 0.66 annually costs him $30,000 a year.

“I don’t desire my healthspan to expire before my lifespan. My aim is to make them as equal as possible,” he admitted.

“I only wish I knew and applied everything I know now, decades ago!”

The 61-year-old’s anti-ageing is put down to seven pillars of focus – sleep, exercise, nutrition, supplementation, limited environmental exposure to toxic substances, an infared sauna and, finally, cold exposure.

While some of these sound obvious, other more unusual focuses like the infared sauna are believed to enable Pascoe to turn back the clock.

This is because it allegedly improves “growth hormones, increase heat-shock proteins, and remove toxins and interstitial build-up.”

Cold exposure, meanwhile, reduces inflammation in his body and increases his immunity to disease.

Pascoe is, in fact, so good at anti-ageing that he is currently number six in the world Rejuvination Olympics.

This means that he is faring better than Bryan Johnson, 46, who is just behind him on the leaderboard.

The 46-year-old recently went viral after sharing a tweet that he believes shows him ageing backwards. The multi-millionaire, unlike Pascoe, is spending a whopping $2 million a year on his bid to live forever.

This money is being spent on a plan known as Project Blueprint, and it’s as futuristic as it sounds – involving a whopping 30 doctors, who are helping Johnson achieve his aim of becoming 18 again.

“This really is an impassioned approach to achieve age 18 everywhere,” he explained.

Johnson is able to afford the mammoth costs incurred by his quest for immortality after selling his company Braintree Venmo to PayPal for $800m in 2013.

Like Pascoe, his regime involves taking a lot of supplements – two dozen to be precise – as well as some unusual techniques like microdosing lithium for his “brain health”.

Bryan Johnson is spending $2m a year trying to be 18 again (Dustin Giallanza)

Bryan also keeps a very close eye on what his body is up to and regularly has his blood tested as well as more invasive procedures like MRIs, ultrasounds and colonoscopies.

He’s also not opposed to cosmetic surgery either and regularly has procedures like face peels to help keep his skin looking fresh.

But while Johnson’s plan sounds extreme in many ways, he told The Independent that its “core” is simple – he tries to get a good sleep at night, exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.

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