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Here’s how to make your Instagram photos into a gift-worthy photo book



If you’re anything like my family, your developed photos are seemingly scattered all over your home. Sure, you have some photo albums lying on your coffee table, displayed in your foyer or tucked away in your bookcase but, sometimes, you can never find that one photo you’re searching for.

This Father’s Day, it’s a great idea to present dad with a beautifully bound photo album. Whether it’s highlighting some of those as-seen-on-his-Instagram favorites or it’s a custom-made memory flip-through, Post Wanted has a service we need to place on your radar before June 16.

My Social Book is one of the quickest ways to virtually print your life’s biggest moments and past experiences. With its one-click online maneuver, it couldn’t be easier.

With My Social Book, you can create an up-to-400-page photo album in only a few seconds. That’s right — thousands of pictures, all in one place.

Not to mention, the service is budget-friendly. Whether you opt for the $8 Square Photo Book or the $12 Social Photo Book, you can’t go wrong with either. Slowly but surely, you’ll want to craft a few.

My Social Book

With an elegant layout, My Social Book automatically compiles and arranges your photos for you. You can even opt to arrange your custom book with monthly chapters to keep your memories chronological and where you can flip right to them.

Shoppers love the quality of their photo books because of the pages. Featuring 135gr satin paper, your photos will look professionally taken (even if they weren’t). Better yet, you can select your book’s finish: soft or hardcover, and with either a matte or glossy feel.

What’s equally as wonderful about My Social Book is its compatibility with a catalog of photo storage platforms. You can upload photos directly from FaceBook or Instagram. Or, you can even grab your favorites from Google Photos. This way, any user can immerse themselves in this great-gifting service.

Aside from social media uploads, you can input specific albums from your feed. For example, you can create a custom book featuring photos of you and Dad only. Or, if there was a milestone in his life recently — perhaps a retirement — you can choose your FaceBook retirement photo album for the occasion. Then, you’ll have your book before you know it!

Beyond photo books, My Social Book also allows you to order a custom mosaic picture from one of your images on Instagram, FaceBook or Google Photos. This doubles as a sentimental and unique Father’s Day gift idea, and one that doubles as home decor.

As a whole, My Social Book isn’t your run-of-the-mill photo book service. It’s an intentional platform that’s designed to make your social clutter a little less cluttered. So, it’s only a click away. The Post Wanted team recommends trying out this service to add a personalized touch to anyone’s day.

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