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Have a question about sign on bonuses and per diem jobs??



Wife and I are both nurses. Wife is pregnant. Not a huge fan of her current employer. Some issues with her transferring to another unit. Finishing 3 years with this employer going on to 4 years in May.

Our child is due towards the end of November.

Wife has been a nurse for almost 8 years and during that time has been a med-surge nurse for 3 plus years. The local hospital less than a mile away from us is having a huge push to hire more staff (still hasn’t jumped the LPN bandwagon like their other hospitals has boo I digress) they are offering a $10,000 sign on bonus.

Wife has a per diem job already works. Was considering networking doing per diem at the two other hospital networks in our area and maybe another per diem job at a new VA SNF facility that just opened down the road. The other opition is the med-surge job.

It’s a 36 month contract with $3,000 at the start, $3,000 at 12 month’s, and rest paid out after 36 months are completed. Say you are pregnant take time off. You haven’t been there a year and have a contract to work 36 months. Can they let you go due to taking time off to be pregnant? May be wrong always recall someone telling me years ago they were going to lose their job because they only worked there for 11 month’s. Can you lose your job once you take leave for maternity leave of 12 weeks or less? If can would that mean you have to pay back the money they gave you?

The other question is should you look for a full time job now with intermittent FLMA and being pregnant?? Thoughts!



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