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Hades 2 already plays like a perfectly ambitious follow-up to one of the greatest-ever roguelikes



Something new happened to me when I started to play Hades 2. From a janky beginning, I could feel the muscle memory returning to my fingers with every trepidatious step I took through the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best roguelikes in recent memory. And while the first Hades 2 technical test demonstrates that there’s more than enough here to justify a full-fledged sequel from developer Supergiant Games, the footsteps of new protagonist Melinoë fit firmly within those of her predecessor, Zagreus.

Unfortunately, Zagreus is nowhere to be found. Melinoë’s older brother is missing, along with her mother, Persephone, and father Hades. Their place in Hades’ halls has been taken up by the Titan Chronos, and with the help of Hecate, goddess of magic, Melinoë plans to take it back. Although that may be easier said than done.Trained by Hecate almost from birth, it’s clear that this new protagonist has the skills, but not necessarily the confidence, to take on the Titan of Time. 

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