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Government leader got involved to postpone processing bill that regulates gambling in CCJ Senate – Games Magazine Brasil



Jaques Wagner said to journalists he still did not have a position from Palácio do Planalto on the project. As news outlet Valor portal informed, government leaders from parties such as PSD and MDB support the advancement of the initiative.

Despite the postponement this Wednesday (15), the Senate leadership considers that the project will be analyzed again before the parliamentary recess, in July, on the grounds that it will be necessary to find a new source to increase public revenue.

Formally, the request to withdraw from the CCJ agenda came from senator Marcos Rogério, in alignment with the evangelical bench, which is against the proposal. Rogério highlighted the absence of the proposal’s rapporteur, Senator Irajá, to justify the election. It was agreed that the project will return to the agenda on June 5th.

In his opinion, Senator Irajá estimates that the gambling market in Brazil will generate at least R$15 billion (US$ 3bn) in 2023, a value that, according to him, could exceed R$30 billion (US$ 6bn) per year.

The text establishes that the new tax on this type of activity, which involves gambling and bingo, would have a rate of up to 17% on the gross revenue earned as a result of gaming.

There is also provision for a 20% tax on the net prize, with a value equal to or greater than R$10,000 (US$ 2,000), as Income Tax, to be withheld by the gaming and betting operating company.

Source: Valor

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