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Google’s Android 15 Beta 2 feedback survey for Pixel live



With meaningful user-facing changes, like Private space, more Pixel owners are using Android 15 with Beta 2 and Google’s feedback survey is now available.

As always, you start by confirming your build (AP31.240426.022) and device (the Pixel 8a is new this round). Google also asks for your country and carrier.

You then rate satisfaction across 13 factors: Stability, Performance, Battery life, Device temperature, Camera, Bluetooth, Call quality, Messaging, Wi-Fi connectivity, Data connectivity, App experience, Authentication (face/fingerprint), and Charging (wired charging, wireless charging).

Next is the survey question about whether you’d recommend Android 15 Beta 2 in its “current state” to friends and family. Google also asks “How satisfied are you overall with the software experience” from 1-5, and how it compares to the “previous build on your device.”

Users can then specify their “top issue area” with 15 choices — the same list as above but with Audio Experience and System User Interface — and the ability to leave more details about the problem.

Finally, it ends on Android Beta Program Satisfaction from 1-5, with Google also asking about program logistics and providing several open fields.

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