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Google unveils new shopping tools for summer sales



Google unveils new shopping tools for summer sales

Image credit — Google

Google has unveiled a list of its newly enhanced shopping tools that aim to simplify deal-hunting for shoppers during the upcoming summer sales season. This means finding the lowest prices across various retailers and determining what constitutes a genuinely good deal, all without the hassle of opening countless tabs.One of the highlights is the updated deals destination, accessible by searching “shop deals.” It presents a carousel showcasing the most recent offers from various retailers, including direct-to-consumer brands, big-box stores, luxury retailers, designer labels, and smaller boutiques. Beneath the carousel, you’ll find promotions and markdowns tailored to your interests, neatly organized by product categories such as electronics, apparel, home goods, toys, beauty products, and pet supplies. With a simple click, you can compare prices across retailers, access product reviews, check availability, and find delivery information. This feature is currently available for shoppers in the U.S. on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Google’s updated deals destination carousel | Video credit — Google

Additionally, Google is introducing a feature that makes price comparison easier by clearly displaying special membership deals. When available, you’ll see both the regular price and the discounted price for members of loyalty programs at retailers like BestBuy, Petco, and Minted. This allows for more informed decision-making.

Google’s price comparison tool | Video credit — Google

Furthermore, Google aims to address the question of whether a sale price truly represents a good deal. By clicking on a product, U.S. shoppers can now see its typical price range across retailers based on historical averages over the past 90 days. This “price insights” feature helps determine if the current price is genuinely attractive and if it’s a good time to buy.

Google’s price insights tool | Image credit — Google

For those who have been eyeing a specific product, Google offers price tracking. By clicking the bell icon next to a product’s name, U.S. shoppers can set up price alerts and receive notifications via email or push when the item’s price drops across various retailers.

Google’s price tracking tool lets you keep track of when a product’s price changes | Image credit — Google

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a discount on your favorite item or getting a head start on holiday shopping, Google’s enhanced shopping tools aim to make navigating this year’s summer deals season easier than before.

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