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Giganic handbags are the hottest new fashion accessory: Why Cardi B and Kim Kardashian can’t get enough



Giganic handbags are the hottest new fashion accessory: Why Cardi B and Kim Kardashian can’t get enough

Size matters — and bigger is better.

At least, that’s the case for handbags this season, which have grown to massive proportions, leaving micro-purses in the dust.

While bite-sized bags have been the rage in recent years — from the tiny accessories that only fit a lip gloss and credit card, to the comically microscopic MSCHF arm candy — the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction with the introduction of colossal totes.

“People are ready for something new,” Joni Pangsaeng, the senior director of design and merchandising at Reformation, told The Zoe Report, blaming mini bag “fatigue” as the predominant reason for the big bag boom.

Cardi B was photographed toting a colossal Chanel handbag this week. Aissaoui Nacer / MEGA
Industry insiders believe the seismic shift to super-sized satchels is both practical and a larger movement towards bohemian style. Getty Images

This week, Cardi B was photographed at Disneyland Paris toting what can only be described as a “ludicrously capacious” bag — a gargantuan silver quilted Chanel shoulder bag — that took up at least one-fourth of her petite stature.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence, historically a proponent of the super-sized satchel, styled a laid back, beige ensemble with a behemoth black tote bag just last month.

“They go from the gym to the office to a dinner and then are traveling often,” Jennie McCormick, the chief design and merchandising officer of the women’s category at rag & bone, told The Zoe Report. “I don’t think people want to carry around multiple bags, or a bag that looks specifically like a ‘work bag’ or a ‘travel bag.’”

In April, singer FKA Twigs was spotted in New York City toting an oversized carryall. GC Images
Cardi B is the latest proponent of the XL purse movement. Aissaoui Nacer / MEGA
Off the runway, stars like Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted carrying the large shoulder bags. GC Images

Runways have also been riddled with overflowing, over-sized shoulder bags.

Miu Miu’s spring/summer 2024 collection featured charm-adorned leather carryalls in what has been dubbed the “Jane Birkin effect.” The very same season, Loewe debuted a handful of XXL handbags, while Bottega Veneta’s runway saw bags so large it was almost humorous: rucksacks as big as the model’s torso and woven totes more than double the size of their waist.

But the trend has been steadily growing over the last few months. In December, Kim Kardashian has been photographed toting a hefty Hermés Birkin, while multiple Hollywood heartthrobs — from Harry Styles to Travis Kelce — have been spotted sporting them as well.

According to Vogue Business, Net-a-Porter saw a surge in search queries for tote bags earlier this year, while the Marc Jacobs’ tote received viral acclaim on TikTok and The Row’s minimalist Margaux bag has garnered a cult following among celebrities.

Kim Kardashian has been papped multiple times while carrying a behemoth bag — usually of the designer variety. GC Images
In January, Kate Hudson was spotted in Manhattan with an oversized tote. GC Images

But some experts believe the seismic shift towards mammoth handbags is two fold.

Not only is it a practical carryall, but there is also a bohemian revival on horizon — ready your clogs, lace skirts and fringe jackets.

Chloé ushered in the first whispers of a boho renaissance at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, stacking the front row with wooden wedge-wearing VIP guests. Runway pieces were fit for Coachella circa 2013: lace blouses, mesh tunics and frocks, fringed leather pants, chunky gold jewelry and garments adorned with ruffles that bloomed at the wrists and waists.

“I think the resurgence of boho is pushing this trend forward in a big way,” Pangsaeng said.

“At the height of the last boho renaissance in the 2010s, everyone was wearing big slouchy bags.”

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