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Giants’ 2024 Travels Will Span Nearly 20,000 Miles



With the New York Giants confirmed as one of this year’s participants in the league’s annual International Series—they will play their road game against the Carolina Panthers in Munich, Germany on November 10, 2024–the final travel mileage totals are in for all 32 NFL teams.

The Giants’ 2024 travels will cover approximately 19,295 miles and cross 20 time zones. The mileage is the 16th most in the league. Their 2,411.87 average miles per trip is 11th in the league.

The Giants’ trip to Munich will be the farthest east of their home base of East Rutherford, New Jersey, and their trip to Seattle to play the Seahawks will be the farthest west.

The Los Angeles Chargers lead the league in anticipated travel miles with 26,803, and in time zones cross with 36. The Washington Commanders will travel the fewest miles in 2024, their excursions covering 10,550 miles over 18 time zones.

The Houston Texans will cross the fewest time zones (8) this season despite having to travel the 19th most miles of any team in the league (18,052).

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