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Gestamp to bring 100 new jobs to Mason



Gestamp to bring 100 new jobs to Mason

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – A global auto supplier is investing nearly $400 million in Michigan, to create up to 580 new jobs across the state. 100 of those new jobs are coming right here to Mid-Michigan, specifically in Mason.

Creating metal parts for car manufacturers, that’s what goes on inside the Gestamp factory in Mason. They’re going to renovate their existing building, and will hire 100 new employees.

“Related to doors and bumpers. They do that kind of work with the automotive industry, as a supplier,” said Bob Trezise, the President and CEO of LEAP, “In particular, for what the new EV automotive industry is going to need into the future,” he added, regarding the expansion.

Since they’re investing about $390 million in capital across Michigan, the international company will receive about $10 million in incentives from the state in the form of grants and exemptions. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation says these incentives were needed, as the company had cheaper options in the south.

“They love us, they love the state of Michigan, but they gotta make a financial argument to their board of directors, and investors, shareholders. So they were looking at a number of states, and the competition I can tell you again was fierce,” said Trezise.

LEAP worked very closely with Mason’s City Manager, the MEDC, and Gestamp for this expansion.

The company is investing $155 million into the Mason expansion. The city of Mason’s mayor is excited about the continued partnership.

“Well, Gestamp is our single largest taxpayer, by a long ways. The second place is two and a half times smaller. It’s just good to hear that they’re growing, that they’re still getting business, and that they’re still committed to doing their work in Mason,” said Russell Whipple, the City of Mason Mayor, in reaction to the news.

Gestamp said in-part a written statement, “We are happy and proud to have the support from the government of Michigan to help Gestamp grow our business in this key automotive hub after 20 years of success in the local car industry.”

Bringing new technology, new machinery, and new jobs.

Gestamp will also renovate in Lapeer, expand in Chelsea, and build a new facility in Chesterfield. LEAP says there will be an open house this fall regarding employment opportunities.

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