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From battling cancer to building strength: survivor leads local fitness studio



At Pure Barre, Palm Desert, the workouts are more than just physical, they’re emotional and in some cases lifesaving.

“I was teaching a class, it was a Sunday, I went home, and I did a self-test, and I actually found my own cancer,” said owner Edith Cantu.

“What ran through me was like, ‘am I going to die’? That was the first thing, it was like, ‘am I going to die?’”

Cantu is recalling discovering she had breast cancer shortly after coaching a class in her studio.

“I couldn’t believe it because I was not even 40 years old,” she said. “I’m a very active person, I work out every single day, I’m vegan and it’s just something I didn’t expect.”

Cantu says this gym’s supportive community helped in her fight against cancer.

“It really helped me see life differently and just know that anything comes my way I know I can handle,” she said. “Pure Barre gave me those tools.”

Cantu is now a cancer survivor.

With May being National Women’s Health Month, Cantu is inviting women across the Coachella Valley to Pure Barre, Palm Desert to experience how fitness can help improve their lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

“It helps you become a stronger person,” she said. “It gives you just a different perspective of life.”

This story was written and reported by Kai Beech.

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