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Former WWE Wrestlers Who Worked Jobs Outside Of Wrestling



The path for wrestlers after WWE can go in many different directions. Many wrestlers will continue wrestling for many years in AEW, TNA, NJPW or via the independent circuit. However, the names to find careers in other fields often get forgotten since wrestling moves so fast with new stars coming in and out.



Quite a few familiar names have tried to rebuild their lives by seeking a more stable job instead of relying on wrestling promoters to keep booking them. The names in question have found success and happiness outside of the WWE spotlight. Each of the following former WWE stars will be spotlighted along with their current jobs.

Muhammad Hassan Is Currently A School Principal

WWE Career Ended Through No Fault Of His Own

  • Lost His Spot Due To WWE Booking Tasteless Segment
  • Left Wrestling After Eventual Release From WWE Development
  • Working In Schools For Years Led To Him Becoming Principal

The WWE career of Muhammad Hassan had a hot start thanks to his heel push as an anti-American villain upset with the treatment of Arab-Americans at the time. Hassan had noteworthy segments with mega-stars like Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.


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A poorly booked angle meant to imply a terrorist attack on Undertaker aired the same day as an actual terrorist attack. Networks demanded WWE remove Hassan’s character from TV to essentially end his career. Hassan now works as a school principal of a public school after leaving wrestling in his past.

Vickie Guerrero Is Now A Travel Agent

AEW Run Ending Led To Vickie Putting Wrestling In Past

  • Vickie Had One Final Run In AEW After WWE Departure
  • Went To School During Final Years Of Wrestling Career
  • Became Travel Agent For New Career Path Away From Spotlight

WWE benefited from hiring Vickie Guerrero and making her a strong heel character. No one could have predicted Eddie Guerrero’s widow with no wrestling experience beforehand would thrive, but Vickie became an all-time great heel authority figure.

AEW had Guerrero on the roster for a while managing Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir, but she was setting up her next path. Vickie attended college for years during her wrestling career and became a travel agent once wrestling was no longer viable.

Maven Moved To Wall Street Before Re-Appearing

Fans Enjoying Maven’s Wrestling Return As YouTube Vlogger

  • Moved To Financial Industry After WWE Release Ended Wrestling Run
  • Brooklyn Nets Hired Him Before He Moved To Wall Street Company
  • Re-Emerged In Pro Wrestling By Creating Popular YouTube Channel

WWE had high hopes for Maven as the winner of the first Tough Enough season, but his wrestling career never panned out as expected. Maven getting released led to him changing careers for a more lucrative and stable career.

The Brooklyn Nets had Maven on their payroll as an account executive before working for a financial company on Wall Street. Maven uses his free time to make videos for his now extremely successful YouTube channel breaking down wrestling topics from his WWE career.

Shawn Stasiak Became Chiropractor After Final WWE Run

Second-Generation Star Never Found Home In Wrestling

  • Two Outlandish WWE Gimmicks Killed Wrestling Career
  • Realized Wrestling Was No Longer Viable After WWE Release
  • Found Success As Popular Chiropractor In Texas

Shawn Stasiak had multiple runs in WWE hoping to follow in the footsteps of his father and former WWE Champion Stan “The Man” Stasiak. Both stints ended due to Shawn ending up with outlandish gimmicks of Meat and Planet Stasiak.

The second WWE tenure ending, and WCW no longer existing to have an easy path to another company saw Stasiak leaving wrestling. A new career path as a chiropractor gave Stasiak a successful life away from the wrestling world.

Ivory Works As Dog Groomer Today

Passion For Helping Animals Started A New Career

  • Was Among Most Respected Female Wrestlers In WWE
  • Running Dog Grooming Business Gave Her New Life After Wrestling
  • Opened A Doggy Daycare To Continue Working With Dogs

Ivory will always be remembered as arguably the most credible woman on WWE’s roster during the Attitude Era. Most women’s wrestling segments were about eye candy at the time, but Ivory tried her best to deliver strong results as a good worker.

Life after WWE saw Ivory eventually getting to her current job running a dog grooming business called Downtown Dog. Ivory loves caring for dogs and wanted to make that her life. There is also a doggy daycare run by Ivory named the Bow Wow Bus to help in multiple ways.

Mideon Found Success As A Talented Chef

Former Creepy WWE Character Is Great At Cooking

  • Couldn’t Find Ideal Wrestling Path After WWE Release
  • Went Back To Old Passion Of Cooking As A Restaurant Chef
  • Runs His Own Catering Business After Chef Success

WWE had Mideon on the roster for a few years in various gimmicks like a pig farmer, satanist cult follower, and a streaker before the end of the road. Mideon aka Dennis Knight tried to wrestle a little longer, but the writing was on the wall to make a change.


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Cooking was a passion for Mideon from his younger years and he became a chef. The success in that field allowed him to start his own catering business and compete in contests for top cooks. Mideon has one of the most unique journeys to success after WWE.

Brooke Adams Transitioned To Real Estate

Left Wrestling Business After Successful TNA Run

  • Became Top Knockout For TNA After TNA Departure
  • Switched Careers When Final TNA Chapter Was Ending
  • Currently Works As Real Estate In Texas Today

Brooke Adams is a rare wrestler released from WWE to have success both in another wrestling promotion and in another field. TNA signed Brooke and witnessed her becoming one of the faces of the Knockouts division.

Adams eventually left pro wrestling after her TNA tenure ended for good. Despite still appearing at conventions, Brooke is relatively absent from pro wrestling upon finding a new career path. The real estate business sees Adams selling homes in Texas as a real estate agent.

Mojo Rawley Hosts Daily Show For TMZ

Entertaining Personality Helped Find New Job

  • WWE Released Him After Top Prospect Reputation
  • Used Charisma To Get Hosting Job With TMZ Sports
  • Recently Interviewed Tony Khan About His “Injury”

WWE releasing Mojo Rawley saw them giving up on him after once viewing the former NFL player as a top prospect. Rawley developed a reputation for having a larger-than-life personality, but WWE lost faith in him panning out in the other areas.

The post-WWE career of Mojo has not seen him wrestling matches since the release. Rawley has a new job hosting a TMZ Sports show that airs on Fox Sports F1 and has a strong YouTube following. Tony Khan recently appeared to get interviewed by Mojo after The Elite attacked him.

Dawn Marie Became Nurse After WWE Career

Controversial Firing From WWE Led To Opposite Path

  • WWE Surprisingly Fired Her During Pregnancy In 2005
  • Became Nurse After Wrestling To Find New Life For Her Family
  • Recently Started Appearing At Conventions After Years Away

The early 2000s Ruthless Aggression Era saw Dawn Marie as one of the better heels in the women’s division. Dawn had a long feud with Torrie Wilson as the main members of the Smackdown women’s roster.

WWE controversially fired her while pregnant in a cold move. Dawn put wrestling in her past a few years after her release by working hard to become a nurse. Recent years have seen Dawn appearing at wrestling conventions again, but she left a job putting her body at risk to help those harmed.

Spike Dudley Left Wrestling To Become Financial Planner

Most Underrated Dudley Boy Left Wrestling For A Reliable Job

  • TNA Stint Ended With Him Changing Careers
  • Became Financial Planner After Leaving Wrestling
  • Was Spotted At Most Recent WWE Hall Of Fame

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley remain in wrestling to this day many years after their prime. However, the third Dudley brother Spike Dudley has been gone from the pro wrestling scene for many years now after retirement.

Spike had strong ECW and WWE runs, but a final lackluster stint in TNA convinced him to leave wrestling. The underdog wrestler now works as a financial planner to provide for his family. Spike does do the occasional autograph appearance and was more recently spotted in the crowd for Paul Heyman’s Hall of Fame induction.

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