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Fitness Tips: Easy ways to stay active in your daily routine | – Times of India



Maintaining an active lifestyle alongside busy professional and personal schedules can certainly prove challenging. However, it’s important to recognize that dedicating large blocks of time to strenuous exercise routines is not necessarily required. Simply identifying subtle opportunities to incorporate additional movement into one’s existing daily rituals can accumulate considerable physical activity over time.
For example, instead of driving short distances, one can choose to walk or cycle as an easy way to elevate their step count. When at the office, opting for stairs rather than elevators or escalators provides a convenient method for adding cardiovascular activity.
For those in sedentary roles, setting a timer to stand and stretch or take a brief walking break every hour can combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Completing household tasks like yard work, cleaning, and errand-running presents further chances to burn extra calories. Social and recreational activities also allow for integrating exercise – engaging in a local sports team, taking fitness classes with friends, or merely proposing a nature hike rather than a seated social engagement.According to Chitharesh Kongarampilly Natesan, Indian professional bodybuilder, “Incorporating modest bouts of physical movement into existing patterns helps establish fortifying habits. An incremental, seamless approach to enhancing daily activity levels is often more sustainable long-term than attempting dramatic lifestyle overhauls.”

Consistent commitment to taking such straightforward steps has been scientifically proven to remarkably benefit overall health and well-being. It’s equally crucial to cultivate awareness of such feasible ways to stay active throughout each day without overwhelming commitments.

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