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Fitness Coach Unravels Mike Mentzer’s Advice on Overtraining and Recovery: “Shouldn’t Need as Many Sets”



Fitness enthusiasts and gym goers are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest workout advice to maximize their gains. One training method that’s been making waves in the bodybuilding world lately is that of legendary bodybuilder, Mike Mentzer.

Mentzer, known for his unconventional approach to training, has been gaining popularity in today’s fitness landscape. His philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of training smarter rather than harder, has caught the attention of many, including fitness expert Sean Nalewanyj.

Sean Nalewanyj thinks Mentzer got things right


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In a recent Instagram post, Nalewanyj shared his thoughts on Mentzer’s perspective on overtraining and recovery. According to Mentzer, “As you get stronger and bigger, you don’t do more exercise, you do less because the stresses are growing greater.” Nalewanyj echoes this sentiment, affirming that Mentzer “got a lot of things right.”

In addition to Mentzer’s advice, Nalewanyj explains that as you progress in your fitness journey and start lifting heavier weights, “you shouldn’t need as many sets to get the same stimulus.” This means that you shouldn’t necessarily increase the number of sets you do as you advance, but rather, you might need to “slightly reduce your training volume to optimize recovery and growth.”

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Moreover, Nalewanyj emphasizes that simply adding more sets is not a surefire way to see progress. Instead, the only way to truly know that positive adaptations have taken place is in your ability to lift a heavier load or perform additional reps with the same load. Nalewanyj suggests that as you become more advanced in your training, “decreasing the overall number of sets you perform is what actually improves your rate of progress.” It’s not about doing more, but rather, being smart about what you do.

This is not the only thing that Mentzer had focused on. Earlier, he had emphasized the importance of maintaining hydration in your physique, stating that it is as crucial as training smartly for muscle gain.


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Is hydration important to maintain a good shape?

Earlier, on an Instagram post, Mike Mentzer’s advice went viral in which he shared his insights on hydration, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of muscle development. Mentzer emphasized that muscles are mostly water, not just protein. He explained how the word “carbohydrate” relates to water, highlighting the importance of carbs in muscle hydration.

According to Mentzer, when the body stores carbs as glycogen in muscles, it binds with water, ensuring proper muscle function and appearance. He warned against not consuming enough carbs, especially during training, as it can deplete muscle glycogen and lead to flat, dehydrated muscles. To keep muscles healthy and defined, maintaining a good balance of carbs and water is essential.


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Mike Mentzer’s timeless wisdom and Sean Nalewanyj’s expert insights highlight the importance of training smarter, maintaining hydration, and balancing nutrition. Are you ready to optimize your fitness journey?


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