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Fashion people share their most impressive pre-loved find



What if we hit the jackpot and secured something rare?

It’s a common (and frustrating) moment I think we’ve all experienced at least once. You spot an amazing coat, or pair of shoes, or bag, and have to know where you can get one for your wardrobe too. “It’s vintage,” comes the reply, leaving you both a little heartbroken and a little jealous. 

Vintage shopping is an art form, one near-perfected by those who work in the fashion industry. So who better to ask for tips than the stampede of industry professionals that swarmed Australian Fashion Week? 

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I was on site all week yapping about fashion as Fashion Journal’s Circular Fashion Guest Editor, supported by eBay. In my time there, I hounded countless insiders for their opinions (and yes, their advice). 

During our chats, we discussed at length how to best source pre-loved fashion, and it turns out those who work within the industry have a treasure trove of pre-loved finds and advice. Finding a pre-loved vintage piece online can be done but what if we can do better than that? What if we hit the jackpot and secured something rare?

Not to toot my own horn, but I have a knack for finding pre-loved pieces online whether that be clothing, shoes, bags, homeware or even furniture. I know with some patience and some luck, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. 

Lizzie Cao, Content Creator

Lizzie wears entirely a Camilla and Marc shirt, Incu Collection blazer, a friend’s pants and Bally shoes, all pre-loved

I’m the proud owner of a vintage Fendi shirt I stumbled across by chance. I couldn’t believe that no one else had bought it before I did, as if it were waiting there for me. This rare find now holds a cherished place within my designer vintage collection. I find buying secondhand or pre-loved items essential, as it means the pieces in my wardrobe retain their value for as long as possible. 

We should be aiming to reuse, repair or recycle fashion rather than disposing of it after single use. And call it cheesy, but I can see myself passing my Fendi shirt down to my future daughter. It’s not just a top, it’s a piece of fashion history, you know? Or alternatively, once it no longer completes my style or look, I can sell it on platforms like eBay to be loved by someone else.


Marisa Suen, Stylist

Marisa wears a Comme des Garçons dress and top, Issey Miyake Me pants, Marsèll shoes and Juicy Couture x Disney necklace, all pre-loved

My favourite would be the Spring/Summer 2022 Gummo jersey. I got it for insanely cheap and now they go for kind of crazy amounts. I’ve been trying to find it in another colourway and it’s just too hard.


Giulia Brugliera, Fashion Journal’s Managing Editor

I have a vintage, houndstooth Zimmermann coat that I sourced online almost a decade ago after I saw a Fashion Journal intern wear it to the office. It’s now the most complimented piece in my wardrobe. It taught me to always look to resale platforms first for outerwear, as coats are typically designed to be worn for more than one season. If you can scout something from a brand’s archives (eBay’s a great place for this, just type in the designer and the year), it’s almost always more interesting than shopping new season. 

I’ve got searches saved for Maggie Marilyn, Harris Tapper, P Johnson Femme and other favourites for this very reason. It will also mean more longevity in your wardrobe, as the piece was probably designed outside of the current trend cycle. And, of course, coats are also easy to sell at the end of their lifecycle, because they tend to be more timeless.


Luca Seresin-Staig, Content Creator

Luca wears a Comme Des Garçons knitted jumper, Levi’s jeans, vintage belt and Miu Miu boots, all pre-loved

I found a pair of vintage platform sandals at Burwood Salvos about eight years ago. They came with the box, dust bags and authenticity card. I held on to them so tight the whole day because I was convinced they were going to somehow disappear. Finding a piece this rare got me so excited to continue my search to find beautiful, well-priced, pre-loved designer. 

I’ve found that not only is eBay one of the easiest platforms to navigate, but the selection and affordability make the whole experience super enjoyable. Part of the beauty of vintage designer is that pieces usually won’t go down in value. So when I feel like my pieces are ready for a new home, I know I can click on eBay’s ‘Sell’ button to quickly and easily list my pre-loved pieces.


Emily Miguel-Leigh, model and Content Creator

Emily wears vintage blazer, tank and skirt, Armani jeans, Windsor Smith loafers and Gucci sunglasses, all pre-loved 

One of my favourite pieces I’ve ever found, I found it on eBay. It’s a gorgeous, floor-length, faux fur, dark brown coat and I wear it every single day in winter. I will wear it until it is sunny and I’m sweating. It’s gorgeous and it’s iconic.


Georgina Woolcock, Fashion Journal’s Partnerships and Campaign Executive

As much as I hate to admit it, in-person secondhand shopping can be like pulling teeth for me. I’m too impatient to physically sift through every rack to find the real hidden gems, so I gravitate towards online shopping (eBay is a personal favourite) when it comes to purchasing pre-loved. That being said, every now and then there’s a moment in a real-life vintage store where the stars align and I leave having struck gold – my favourite of these being when I picked up my authentic Texan cowboy boots. 

They sat at my perfect eye level, were in excellent condition and fit like a glove, so I knew I would immediately regret leaving them behind if I didn’t snap them up. The best part? The whole process took less than five minutes.


Michael Sun, Fashion Writer

Michael wears an Alix Higgins top, vintage blazer, Cop Copine skort, vintage leg warmers, Marsèll boots and vintage hat, all pre-loved

Sorry to sound like the most annoying person alive, but when I was in Berlin (sue me), I found this grey Cop Copine skort at a hole-in-the-wall thrift store that has since become one of my most worn pieces. It was the end of an otherwise empty-handed shopping day; there was a heatwave that summer which meant I was criminally dehydrated and panting like a tiny dog as we trekked down this dead-end street to the stares of a thousand judgemental eyes.

I did not want to continue but thank god, the arcane forces of the universe intervened to deliver this perfect piece of church girl fantasy: a lightly pinstriped wrap-around number that cuts just above the knee. It would’ve definitely been easier to shop online – I’m sure eBay would’ve done the trick, sans heatstroke – but I’m just glad I found her.


Katherine Rose, Stylist

Katherine wears head-to-toe unbranded vintage items

I think my most impressive find was from eBay, [it] was my Balenciaga Tyrexs, the black and white ones. I found them brand new at a really amazing price and all my friends are really jealous.


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