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Fashion brands launching summer scents



Fashion brands launching summer scents

International Scents in Israel

Leading international fashion houses are welcoming summer with fragrances that are light, refreshing, and vibrant, helping us endure the intense heat. Importer Shustovich upgrades our summer with top brands she imports, including DKNY, which launches DKNY 24/7—a vibrant, youthful scent capturing the brand’s values: optimism, self-assurance, and limitless living.

The floral fragrance includes notes of pink pepper, robur oak, Centifolia rose, tuberose, Indian jasmine sambac, recycled cedar and elm woods, musk, and ambroxan—cultivating cultures much like the brand’s values. The bottle is designed in the shape of an hourglass, symbolizing the flow of time from day to night—much like the fragrance itself. The chrome silver bottle echoes the enduring spirit of New York, the brand’s beloved city.

Zadig&Voltaire introduces THIS IS HER! UNCHAINED, an authentic and intimate fragrance symbolizing freedom, self-expression, and boundary-breaking action. The fragrance features fruity notes of mandarin, orange, and cherry, a bouquet of powdery flowers, almonds, and pink pepper—a celebration of art, rock, and self-expression. The bottle, designed in chic Parisian style, adorned with metallic chains, elevates both casual and fashionable looks, inspired by the elegant and Parisian fashion house collections.

Marc Jacobs launches Daisy Wild—a new floral fragrance joining the iconic Daisy collection, with a bouquet of wildflower notes blending banana blossom, refined jasmine, tiare flower, and Madagascar vanilla and musk. A wild bouquet blending harmoniously with pink and green flowers. Available for refill at supermarkets, pharmacies, BE, and ONLY’S website.

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In Beauty Services

Congratulations to Dr. Amir Zarchi for launching Z Medical Club—a center for advanced medical aesthetics treatments, lectures, and workshops for doctors specializing in medical aesthetics. Designed by architects Sigal Brnovich and Irena Goldberg, the space is a unique creation in a cosmic form, paying homage to Star Wars in shades of gray and black, creating precise aesthetics.

Among the aesthetic treatments offered by departments: lip sculpting, nose reshaping, eye socket filling, face treatments, anti-aging treatments for spots, wrinkles, and fine lines; rejuvenating skin treatments on the face or body; ear pairing in a cosmetic process; center sculpting and side contouring; aesthetic treatment for the back of the hand; improving skin texture; abdomen and waist skin sculpting; aesthetic treatment for knee skin; thigh tightening with innovative devices; cellulite—improving skin texture, tightening; Botox for excessive sweating; laser hair removal; removal of scars and spots, and more.

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Storage and Enjoyment

Multibrand network “Cook and Bake”—a leader in hospitality, cooking, and baking products—introduces Roso SNAP collection, born from the need for storage products with easy opening and sealing, helping us maintain aesthetic order.

The result—transparent and beautiful boxes that can be arranged in wardrobes, drawers, cabinets, and anywhere else. Roso SNAP boxes preserve the quality and freshness of products, keeping the kitchen tidy and clean. High-quality plastic, available in various sizes for every purpose—pastas, snacks, crackers, etc. Vacuum-sealed and easy to clean. Available in stores and on COOK AND BAKE website.

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Italian Taste

Scotti, from Yeshurun House, launches 5 summer wines from the Italian winery Sartori: Lugana—a dry white wine made from Trebbiano di Lugana grapes, with a delicate floral aroma hinting at white fruits and wildflowers; L’Appostoli Soave—a dry white wine made from Soave grapes; Rosé—a dry rosé wine from local Corvina grapes; Pinot Grigio Rosso—a semi-dry red wine made from Corvina and Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with aromas of cherries and ripe red berries, red roses;

Pinot Bianco—a dry white wine made from Rondinella and Garganega grapes with aromas of white peaches, apricots, and green forest fruits, red currants, and mint. 3 wines from the Fiera series, named after Sapphire, Sapphire in Italian, the affectionate nickname of Fiera, the sister of Pietro Sartori, founder of the winery.

In 1898 Pietro bought a farm in Verona, an estate from Baron Morari to establish the winery. Sapphire was recruited to support the new brand in local and international marketing and branding. Available in Tiv Taste branches, professional shops, selected restaurants, and bars.

Creative Wedding

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What happens when Milky and Golda ice creams meet? In honor of summer, they present a sensory indulgence of Milky Top in salty bagel flavor and Milky ice cream—a sensory experience combining flavors and textures. The set includes: a quarter kilo of Milky ice cream, topped with crunchy salted bagel, Milky Top cups in classic chocolate and whipped cream, an ice cream-shaped ice tray, branded purple bandana, golden Milky spoon, and branded cold drink cup.

Naama Gal, Milky Marketing Manager: “We are excited to announce a unique collaboration between two beloved brands, a sweet-salty meeting of indulgence experiences—Milky, the beloved treat, and Golda’s luxurious ice cream with the flagship bagel-salted flavor.” Adi Erez Avital, Golda’s Marketing Manager: “Golda is an Israeli brand whose mission is to delight as many Israelis as possible, renew, surprise, refresh, and tailor to the Israeli taste. The connection with Milky—a treat we all grew up with—is natural, exciting, and indulgent.

Available at Golda stores and the delivery app until July 20, 2024, or while supplies last.


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