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‘Family Guy’ Season 22 Is Cancelling Christianity in Epic Time Travel Finale



The Big Picture

  • Jesus returns in an epic time-travel finale for
    Family Guy
    Season 22.
  • Brian falls for a religious woman and tries to go back in time to cancel Christianity so she’ll sleep with him.
  • The
    Family Guy
    finale promises the show’s trademark offensive humor and some unexpected twists.

Our dear lord and savior returns to Family Guy in the Season 22 finale. At this point, Jesus has made so many appearances that he might just move in with The Griffins. It’s been a while since he’s appeared to clarify some things or respond when he’s called upon, but tonight he returns in an epic time-travel episode. In an interview with TV Insider, showrunners Richard Appel and Alec Sulkin previewed the season finale, which airs tonight on Fox, and what Jesus has to do with it all.

This time around, he doesn’t appear to the characters, and like when he was crucified all those millennia ago, he is seemingly innocent. His only crime is being associated with a religion that puts a damper on Brian’s (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) plans. In the “Faith No More” episode, the official episode synopsis (below) teases another one of Stewie (voiced by MacFarlane) and Brian’s classic adventures.

“Brian becomes romantically interested in someone and it inspires him to use Stewie’s time machine. Strange consequences result from their journey”

Brian Falls In Love With A Religious Woman

The dog is in love again. He falls in love with a devout vet technician (voiced by Mae Whitman) and pretends to be religious himself to score with her. However, things don’t play out in a neat rom-com manner, something Sulkin calls a mislead. “You go a little bit down a road with something that seems like it could be a Family Guy story, and then it turns into something else,” he said.

What does a dog have to do to get frisky when his girlfriend has decided she’s not having sex until marriage because she doesn’t want to go to hell? For Brian, however, the answer is obvious. The dog will use Stewie’s time travel tech. The goal? To cancel Christianity. How? By stopping Jesus before religion was invented and evolved to ruin his chances in the present. Stewie is not one to be left behind during a time-travel adventure, so the duo will jump back in time together.

They find themselves in medieval Israel circa A.D. 30, and they’ve already messed up. What can go wrong in a place and time they don’t understand? And all this just so the dog can get lucky? The last time Jesus was on the show was in Episode 10 of Season 19, as Peter faced off with his mortal enemy: The Giant Chicken. It seems that we should be ready for another round of humor that will most definitely be deemed offensive, with Appel saying, “I never thought I’d hear myself say this as a writer, but the Standards and Practices department at Fox is easy to work with and pretty good with us.”

Catch the Family Guy Season 22 finale tonight on Fox. Stream past episodes on Hulu.

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