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Ex-MLB manager Says He’d Take This Approach Against Yankees’ Aaron Judge



Ex-MLB manager Says He’d Take This Approach Against Yankees’ Aaron Judge

It seems that no pitcher has been able to stop the New York Yankees‘ AL MVP favorite this season.

And if the time called for it, former World Series winning manager Joe Maddon would simply not pitch to said MVP front-runner, who is none other than All-Star slugger Aaron Judge. 

The ex-MLB skipper of the Tampa Bay Rays, 2016 World Series champion Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Angels went in depth on his managerial approach to facing Judge during a recent MLB Network interview with veteran broadcaster Brian Kenny.

“I would not pitch to him (Judge); it’s very simple,” Maddon explained to Kenny. “I know that the analytical side of the game does not like intentionally walking people. You’re putting somebody else on base, but I totally disagree with that. There’s times when it has to be done.

“I would not pitch to him; I would absolutely designate that before the game. And then you go from there, because here’s the other thing: you can’t trust a lot of pitchers these days to pitch around a hitter like him. They don’t have the control and command to do it.” 

Judge, 32, will enter Wednesday night’s game against the Rays at Tropicana Field, with 32 home runs and 83 RBI on the season while posting a .308/.426/.667 slash line in 91 games. His 32 home runs, 83 RBI, .667 slugging percentage, and OPS of 1.103 each currently lead all of Major League Baseball. 

As the Yankees have hit a tailspin, losing 17 of their last 23 games dating back to June 13, it has become a well-discussed topic from those in the game of avoiding Judge at the plate. 

In other words, focusing in on neutralizing Yankees’ two-hole hitter Juan Soto, giving Judge ‘The Bonds Treatment,’ in the third-spot of the order, and following it along by dealing with the remainder of New York’s recently struggling lineup.

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