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DH Field Test: Frameworks DH – US Made & World Cup Ready – Pinkbike



DH Field Test: Frameworks DH – US Made & World Cup Ready – Pinkbike


In some ways, the Frameworks is a total brute with a strong, stiff frame that can plow through deteriorated tracks with the best of the high-pivot sluggers. Then again, when precision is needed, it doesn’t get bogged down by mega-slack angles or lethargic wheel paths.

The tall stack height and low center of gravity allow the rider to stand tall and ride relaxed, yet stay balanced with their weight placed equally on both wheels. There’s no need to move fore and aft to find grip from the tires when zipping through smooth berms. On top of that, there’s an impressive amount of grip produced by that progressive setting, however, your line choice may be limited as the cranks ride concerningly low to the ground. We struck the chainguide on multiple occasions without expecting to.

A hint of instability does come about when turning through rougher sections of trail though, in a way where the front wheel wanted to tuck. It’s a trait that we found in the YT to slightly display too and this could come from that square stance of the higher bar height and seemingly steeper head angle.

In steeper terrain, the Frameworks DH also gives that similar sense of your hands being directly above or even in front of the front axle and that can be slightly unnerving if you prefer a slacker ride. Some of that tense steering can be initiated from braking too. There’s more influence from those braking forces than bikes like the M1 which remains steadier and left us smirking through those steeper chutes.

Henry felt strongly about the frame being overly stiff, and while I agree that’s true compared to the other bikes on test, it didn’t transmit as much vibration through the frame like the YT Tues did. The reasoning could be split into two parts; the lateral forces that are taken up by the brilliant Enve Dark6 prototype wheels, and the chain damping components that soak up forces from the chain whipping about.

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