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DC pride you can eat: Business owners invent ‘Capitol City Crunch’ cereal – WTOP News



“I definitely had a vision,” said Capitol City Crunch co-creator Noel Warner. “I just felt like it was something that I could create that I wanted to enjoy.”

Capitol City Crunch is similar to Kix but the flavors are strawberry and vanilla. (Courtesy Day & Night Cereal Bar)

Displaying pride in one’s city can take on many different forms, but few are as unique as creating a breakfast cereal that honors a particular place.

But that’s exactly what Noel Warner has done.

Warner and his business partner own the Day and Night Exotic Cereal Bar at Springfield Town Center in Springfield, Virginia, and are branching out by inventing a D.C.-themed cereal.

“I definitely had a vision,” Warner said. “I just felt like it was something that I could create that I wanted to enjoy.”

The cereal is called Capitol City Crunch.

It is similar to Kix but is flavored with vanilla and strawberry corn crisp — red and white like the D.C. flag.

Noel Warner and Brandi Forte, owners of the Day & Night Cereal Bar at Springfield Town Center in Springfield, Virginia. (Day & Night Cereal Bar)

“As a kid, growing up, my parents worked late and they worked hard so cereal was the go to thing at home,” Warner said.

Warner grew up in Southeast D.C.

“This was one way to give back to the community,” Warner said.

The cereal box itself is designed to look like the D.C. flag, and it even includes a map of some of D.C.’s neighborhoods.

“We call ourselves cereal entrepreneurs,” said Warner’s business partner, Brandi Forte. “We are cereal connoisseurs, and we literally studied the science and the art of cereal.”

Forte is from California, but does have local ties to the nation’s capital as she graduated from Howard University.

It took Forte and Warner about a year for their cereal idea to come to fruition.

“We started doing our research and we linked up with some food scientists,” Forte said.

They also needed to work with designers and manufacturers.

“There are certain trademarks and other things you can’t infringe on when creating the box,” Forte explained.

The cereal will officially hit the market in June, but it already has its own website that’s accepting pre-orders for $40.

Cereal lovers will be able to find Capitol City Crunch at Target, on Amazon and at various local stores around the D.C. region.

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