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Dallas Cowboys schedule 2024: Travel mileage & distance for the season



The Dallas Cowboys’ 2024 regular season schedule will release on Wednesday night.

Fans are eager to know when America’s Team will be coming to a city near them, and when the Cowboys will be featured on national television.

It has previously been reported that the Cowboys will receive two Monday Night Football games, along with a handful of appearances on Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football.

Dallas’ schedule includes its yearly divisional opponents, the AFC North and NFC North, the Detroit Lions, and the San Francisco 49ers.

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This season, Dallas will play nine games at home at AT&T Stadium, while eight games will be on the road.

So how far will they be traveling?

The Cowboys will travel 18,293 miles throughout the season, the 18th most in the league this year.

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The Philadelphia Eagles travel the longest distance in the division at 22,756 miles, thanks to an international game against the Green Bay Packers in Brazil on opening weekend. Philly travels the 8th-longest distance in the league.

The New York Giants (19,295) travel 1,000 more miles than the Cowboys, while the Washington Commanders have the league’s shortest travel distance at just 10,550 miles.

The total travel mileage for all 32 NFL teams can be see here.

The NFL schedule will be released at 8:00 p.m. ET, with special schedule release shows on ESPN and the NFL Network. Each team will also release its schedule on its respective social media channels.

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