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Considering A Career Switch? Here Are 7 Jobs That Pay Well And Have A Ton Of Hiring Demand Right Now



The job market is in flux in the U.S. right now, experiencing layoffs while the labor market has reported the highest payroll additions in the last 10 months.

The unemployment rate has also fallen to 3.8% in March, while wage growth came in at 4.1% year-on-year during the month.

But not every job is in high demand and not every job pays well. If you are in the job market or if you’re looking to switch to a better one that pays well, we have listed some options for you.

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7 Jobs That Pay Well And Have A Ton Of Demand


An accountant sitting with a laptop and calculator Image generated using Dall-E

Accountants are in short supply, too, with the American Institute of CPAs reporting a 7.8% fall in new CPAs in 2021-22.

According to BLS data, the median wage for accountants stands at $78,000, with over 67,000 jobs expected to be added between 2022 and 2032.


Medical professionals standing near to each other | Image generated using Dall-E

The median wage in the healthcare sector stands at $86,070, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.)

The healthcare industry is currently witnessing a shortage across the board, from nurses to physicians, counselors, and therapists. According to the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, this shortage is expected to reach 140,000 in the next 15 years.

Civil Engineers

An image showing a civil engineer | Image generated using Dall-E

Civil engineering is another lucrative career option, especially now that the American Society of Civil Engineering is offering remote work options, higher pay, and other benefits.

According to BLS data, the median wage for civil engineers is $95,890.

Data Scientists

A lady sitting at a computer desk| Image generated using Dall-E

The age of AI is upon us and data scientists are a hotter commodity more than ever before. If using analytical techniques to extract insights from chunks of data excites you, the BLS data on median wage will be music to your ears.

According to BLS, the median wage for data scientists is $103,500.

Software Developers

A student using a laptop | Image generated using Dall-E

Software developers are among jobs in high demand, with BLS expecting a 26% rise between 2022 and 2032.

The median wage for software developers is $127,260.

Financial Managers

A man busy doing financial planning on a laptop| Image generated using Dall-E

Financial manager is another high-paying job that can be on your radar. Financial managers keep an eye on the financial health and strategies of the company, and responsibilities range from financial planning, reporting, risk management, and more.

According to BLS data, the median annual wage for a financial manager is $156,100.

Computer Managers

A girl sitting in a computer lab | Image generated using Dall-E

Computer manager is another job that pays well and is in high demand currently. Computer managers oversee a company’s IT infrastructure, making sure users can access tools and if needed, get updated tools.

According to BLS data, the median annual wage for a computer manager is $164,070.

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