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BMW Introduces Its First High-Fashion Show Car Inspired by Naomi Campbell



BMW has introduced the XM Mystique Allure, a bespoke vehicle inspired by supermodel Naomi Campbell and notably the first of its kind of the automaker — fittingly unveiled at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival.

The XM Mystique Allure, a celebration of BMW’s “Dare to be You” campaign featuring Campbell in 2023, uniquely incorporates high-fashion elements into its construction and stands as an homage to Campbell’s iconic style.

According to Stefan Ponikva, the Vice President of BMW Brand Experiences, “Presenting the BMW XM Mystique Allure at Cannes Film Festival 2024 marks BMW’s ongoing vision in contemporary, progressive luxury. Inspired by legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell, this is the first-ever BMW tailored with high-fashion materials.”

The vehicle’s exterior is painted in a deep Ultramarine, Naomi’s favorite color, finished with a lustrous matte. The design integrates high-fashion materials from luxury textile manufacturers, featuring rich velvet and shimmering Frozen Metallic sequins that transition between intense violet and deep ultramarine, aimed at blurring the lines between the car’s interior and exterior.

Additionally, the XM Mystique Allure features an exclusive auditory experience created by renowned Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer, inspired by Campbell. Since 2021, Zimmer has collaborated with BMW to craft unique drive sounds for its electrified models, with the Mystique Allure the representing the latest example. The vehicle’s soundscape complements its avant-garde design and challenges conventional luxury concepts.

Naomi Campbell expressed her awe at the unveiling, stating, “Witnessing BMW’s vision for the BMW XM Mystique Allure come to life has been truly incredible. I feel deeply honored to have sparked the inspiration for their first-ever high-fashion show car, which stands as a unique masterpiece in every aspect.”

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