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Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #27 review



The fight continues as imps run wild across the world. Just as last time, most of this issue is comprised of big spectacle fights that showcase the crazy powers and abilities granted by the fifth-dimensional invaders. The story immediately and clearly establishes the tone it’s going for with its first page, where Bat-Mite recreates the lightning strike opening from Batman: The Animated Series in an overly serious voice while wearing his ridiculous outfit and proportions. It’s a farce, and that’s what makes it so fun.

About the first third of the issue is a recap of the events so far and explaining the premise of the story. Without it, anyone who picked up this issue would be totally lost unless they had read the previous one. Normally, this would be a frustratingly dry obligation, but both Waid and Mora do a good job of keeping it light and entertaining. All of the aforementioned exposition is delivered by Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk hopping from place to place and even in between the panels. Its fourth-wall breaking color commentary adds a level of humor to make it a more enjoyable read, even if not every joke lands.

Conversely, when Superman, Batman, and Bat-Mite are trapped in the second dimension, it becomes a little more heavy on the exposition. We’re told how the laws of the different dimensions work and how that relates to the main bad guy of the arc. It’s more information necessary to the plot, but I wish more were done with the concept before they simply break free after being told how it all works. Aside from some cute visual references to the Super Friends TV show, there’s not a lot there.

As for the fight pages themselves, Dan Mora’s art is once again given its chance to shine. One after another you get big, almost full page spreads of the DC heroes and villains that have been “powered up” with fifth-dimensional powers. The way their new powers complement their original design aesthetics makes for a brilliant display of action. If I had to criticize this segment, it would be that these fights, while individually fun to look at, often feel disconnected from each other and the larger story. It can sometimes read like a gallery of cool sequences more than anything else.

Again, like last month, the fights are also a bit hard to follow from a stakes point of view. Everyone has fantastical, ill-defined powers that can change on the whim of beings that might as well be gods. However, what makes it work is that the comic is well aware of that fact. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s a fun, goofy spectacle where everyone blasts each other with as wild abilities as they can think up. If you’re wondering how they win or lose, or other fighting facts, just repeat to yourself it’s all for fun; I should really just relax.


The goofiness peaks when Jimmy Olsen becomes “The Olsen Squad”, each member a different transformation from a different Silver Age comic. It’s the highlight of the story because of just how outrageous it is. It works so perfectly with the premise that you could almost be forgiven for thinking that it was all setup for this moment. The heroic squad of Jimmys lean into what makes a comic like this work.

Recommended If

  • You were a fan of last month’s crazy, over the top action
  • Everybody fighting with extra powers sounds like fun
  • You don’t mind some obligatory exposition sequences


Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #27 is a continuation of the previous issue in almost every way. It keeps the same frantic energy and bombastic, over the top action that made the last one so entertaining to read. The individual fights don’t always feel important to the story and it can get bogged down at times with the exposition, but the gorgeous artwork and self-aware silliness make those small complaints for anyone interested in some wacky adventures.

Score: 8/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.

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