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Asiaville Announces Next-Gen Immersive Technology For Entertainment and Gaming Content



Asiaville Announces Next-Gen Immersive Technology For Entertainment and Gaming Content

~ New tech – AIGE – to make films and digital content participative and engaging for viewers

~ Good news for brands and advertisers as AIGE makes brands interactive.


Asiaville, the IP-driven vernacular language media-tech company, has announced the introduction of AIGE, a hyper-interactive content technology that seamlessly merges cinematic video content with interactive entertainment and gaming elements. The technology gives viewers the chance of controlling storylines and narratives, thereby drastically increasing viewer engagement.

The new content plus technology format – AyeVee Interactive Gamified Experience (AIGE) – is the future of entertainment and gaming content, says Tuhin Menon, Co-founder and CEO of Asiaville Interactive Pvt Ltd.

At a time when the mammoth content market is increasingly becoming flat – and its viewers inattentive – we believe the AIGE technology will prove to be the jump the Indian media industry needs. This patent-pending format is a unique mix of cinematic entertainment, interactivity, and gaming, all blended into a seamless experience that puts the user at the heart of the storytelling experience,” said Menon.

The company rolled out two pilot shows, “Who Killed Kavitha?” and “Let Me Out!” on the AIGE format.

“Releases of Malayalam shows ‘Let Me Out!’ and Tamil show ‘Who Killed Kavitha?’ just last month have already garnered fantastic engagement numbers. With close to a million downloads of the AyeVee app, user completion rate for the AIGE shows has been over 50 percent, with users interacting an average of 50 times with each show.”

“More importantly, the average time spent by each user per day has consistently exceeded 45 minutes, benchmarking exceedingly well even with the best of the OTT platforms. Notably, an unprecedented 30 percent of users completed both the game shows in one session entirely at one go,” adds Menon.

The two pilot shows garnered ratings of over 4.6/5, with 7 lakh minutes of cumulative time spent on the two shows. The ratings and the engagements are indicative of the change content creators and consumers actively seek.

“The two shows demonstrated that the technology has meaningful scope for brands and advertisers. AIGE content will make in-film brands interactive as well, giving users the freedom the check out products well inside the storyline. AIGE opens up a whole new medium of engagement for brands, as users engage with them in customised and immersive brand environments,” adds Menon.


The cumulative entertainment and gaming market in India – with a TAM of roughly USD 3 billion – represents a large monetisation opportunity for AIGE, which is poised at the intersection of these two cohorts.



Check out the pilots –

“Who Killed Kavitha”

“Let Me Out”


To Download AyeeVee App:


About Asiaville:

Asiaville is a leading IP driven Media-Tech company with a vernacular language digital content network that reaches over 150 million monthly users, delivering over 80 million monthly video views; premium OTT shows with global streaming platforms like Audible, Spotify, Disney Hotstar and Sony Liv; and its own app led platform AyeVee, which hosts the patent pending AIGE (AyeVee Interactive Gamified Experience) format, extending its IP into a wholly new category of entertainment

The two new launches ‘Let me out’ and’ Who killed Kavitha’, both sponsored by major brands, are now available on the AyeVee app, inviting users to embark on a journey where they not only consume content but actively shape its outcome. Join Asiaville in embracing the future of media with AIGE – where entertainment meets interactivity, and gaming takes storytelling to new heights.

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