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Arizona Attorney General Files Suit Against Amazon Over Unfair Business Practices



Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes has taken legal action against retail giant Amazon, alleging unfair and deceptive business practices that violate state consumer protection and antitrust laws. The lawsuit, announced by Mayes on Wednesday, targets several aspects of Amazon’s operations, including its Prime cancellation process and the use of its Buy Box algorithm.

According to a report by ABC, Mayes contends that Amazon’s practices have not only harmed consumers but also disadvantaged smaller third-party retailers who rely on the platform. “Amazon’s anti-competitive and monopolistic practices have artificially inflated prices for Arizona consumers and harmed smaller third-party retailers that rely on its platform,” Mayes stated.

One significant aspect of the lawsuit focuses on the Amazon Prime cancellation process, which Mayes alleges is intentionally confusing and misleading. Referred to as Project Iliad, the process purportedly employs a convoluted interface with deceptive language and options, designed to discourage users from canceling their subscriptions. Internal documents cited by the Attorney General’s Office suggest that this strategy, aimed at reducing Prime cancellations, has been successful in retaining customers.

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Furthermore, the lawsuit takes aim at Amazon’s Buy Box algorithm, which determines which product offers are featured prominently with “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons. Mayes asserts that the algorithm favors offers that maximize Amazon’s profits, often at the expense of fair competition and consumer choice. This alleged bias is said to benefit Amazon’s own products or those of its preferred sellers, potentially disadvantaging other sellers on the platform.

In addition to these concerns, the lawsuit accuses Amazon of maintaining its market dominance through unlawful price parity agreements enforced via its Business Service Agreement. These agreements reportedly restrict third-party sellers from offering lower prices outside of Amazon’s platform, thereby stifling competition and inflating prices for consumers in Arizona.

Mayes emphasized the importance of holding Amazon accountable for its actions, emphasizing that all businesses must adhere to the same rules and laws. The lawsuit seeks to address what Mayes perceives as unfair practices that harm both consumers and smaller businesses operating within the Amazon ecosystem.

Source: ABC

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