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Apple debuts VisionOS 2 at WWDC 2024 | TechCrunch



At WWDC 2024 in Cupertino, Apple announced updates to VisionOS, the operating system running on the Vision Pro.

The upgraded VisionOS — VisionOS 2 — brings with it productivity enhancements and “new immersive experiences,” as Apple describes them. One lets you “spatialize” photos from regular photos, leveraging AI and machine learning tech to turn photos into interactive experiences. Another is a new navigation option: VisionOS 2 lets you switch to the home screen by just tapping, or flip your hand over to pull up the control center with access to notifications, shortcuts and more.

VisionOS 2 adds train support to the travel mode feature on the Vision Pro. Apple says that later this year, it’ll deliver higher display resolution and sizes for the Mac virtual display capability (plus mice pairing support), which lets Vision Pro users see the content on a connected Mac within an immersive desktop view.

VisionOS 2 will also make it easier for developers to make apps for the Vision Pro, which Apple says has around 2,000 native apps so far. There are new volumetric APIs that allow for two apps at once, a new dev kit called TableTopKit for games on flat surfaces (e.g. board games) and new enterprise APIs.

In related news, Apple announced that Apple Immersive Video, its 180-degree 8K video format for the Vision Pro, is getting new partners. Red Bull is doing a sports series, and Apple has a new scripted feature coming, as well. Apple’s also working with partners like Canon and BlackMagic to make more hardware and workflow integrations to capture and create immersive content, the company says.

VisionOS 2 will come to Vision Pro as a free update later this year.

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