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Anna Delvey, the fake heiress, serves felon fashion in court



London Fashion Week once got grief for moving its catwalks to a Soho car park, but it’s Anna Delvey who may be truly stretching the limits of acceptability in regards to what counts as a runway.
Isn’t stretching the limits of acceptability the convicted con artist/fake heiress’s thing generally?

Yes, but her latest stunt is something else. It’s giving … ankle tag chic.
This sounds like a very stylish scheme.

You’ve got to respect the gal’s gall. First, you know, the whole highly publicised scamming hoo-ha.
I recall.

Then last year, after leaving prison, she launched a fashion PR consultancy — the OutLaw Agency — with the super-publicist Kelly Cutrone. She even threw an event for one of the brands it represents, Shao tailoring, on

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