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ADCC Worlds 2017: Here’s 5 Thing To Remember – FloGrappling



ADCC Worlds 2017: Here’s 5 Thing To Remember – FloGrappling

The ADCC World Championships, which is often referred to as the “Olympics of Grappling” is officially back this summer. The ADCC World Championships 2024 will take place on August 17- 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Highly ranked grappling stars like Mica Galvao and Gordon Ryan are confirmed to compete in the ADCC World Championships 2024.

Ryan is also set to compete in not one but two Super Fights as he will face his rivals Felipe Pena and Yuri Simões. 

Ryan is no stranger to winning at the ADCC World Championships. He is a five-time ADCC World Champion. His first ADCC Worlds title came at the ADCC World Championship 2017. 

The ADCC World Championship 2017 also crowned two Americans, one being Gordon Ryan and JT Torres. 

Here is more information on the ADCC World Championship 2017.

What Is ADCC?

First and foremost we need to learn about the organization that hosts these events. ADCC is short for Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Submission Fighting Championships, which is considered one of the most prestigious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and submission grappling events in the world. 

ADCC has been around for 23 years. The ADCC World Championship has happened every 2 years except in 2021 since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How Does ADCC Worlds Work?

There are three ways to compete at the ADCC World Championships: returning champions and podium finishers at the previous  world championships automatically qualify to return. You can either win one of the continental qualifying events (held in various locations around the world), or you receive an invitation. 

The ADCC World Championships men’s divisions feature 16 competitors, with eight qualified athletes, seven invitations, and the return of the defending ADCC champion. Women’s divisions feature eight competitors, with four qualified athletes, the defending champion, and three invitations. 

The ADCC World Championships also operates in a bracket format starting with the round of 16, win and move on is the name of the game. 

Where Was ADCC World Championships 2017?

The ADCC World Championships 2017 was at the Espoo Metro Areena in Espoo, Finland. 

When Was ADCC World Championships 2017?

The ADCC World Championships 2017 was held on September 22-24. 

Who Won At ADCC Worlds 2017

  • Male -66kg – Rubens Charles “Cobrinha “
  • Male -77kg – JT Torres
  • Male -88kg – Gordon Ryan
  • Male -99kg – Yuri Simoes
  • Male +99kg – Marcus Almeida “Buchecha”
  • Women -60kg – Beatriz Mesquita
  • Women +60kg – Gabrielle Garcia
  • Absolute – Felipe Pena
  • Superfights:
  • Andre Galvao defeated Claudio Calasans
  • Renzo Gracie defeated Sanae Kikuta
  • Chael Sonnen Defeated defeated Leo Vieira

How To Watch The 2024 ADCC World Championship

The 2024 ADCC World Championship will be streaming live in the United States on FloGrappling and the FloSports app. 

Replays, highlights and news also will be available on both platforms.

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Don’t Miss IBJJF World Championships And ADCC World Championships On FloGrappling

In May 2024, FloGrappling is streaming the fourth and final Grand Slam event on the IBJJF Calendar in California.  

In August 2024, FloGrappling is streaming the ADCC World Championships. The bi-annual tournament returns to Las Vegas. 

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