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6 Perfect Gifts for Impossible-to-Shop-For Dads Who Want Nothing



Is there anyone harder to buy gifts for than dads? They love to say things like “I don’t need anything” or “If there’s something I want I’ll just get it for myself.” Nice try, pops! That extra challenge just makes absolutely nailing your gift that much sweeter. Because not needing something doesn’t mean he can’t be surprised and delighted, reminded of just how thoughtful you, his pride and joy, are. And isn’t confirming that giving you life was a good idea what Father’s Day is all about? Shopping for the dad in your life is easier said than done, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.

A Portable Charger/Power Brick Combo

If your dad loves to hit the road, there’s one travel gadget that we recommend above all others: a portable charger that doubles as a power brick. Having one means that dad can leave his laptop’s bulky power brick at home and bring one along that can charge his laptop, his phone, and his headphones all at once—all without being plugged in. If he is near an outlet, these versatile gadgets work just like a traditional power brick, but with extra ports. Saving precious space in his carry-on, he can leave everything but his basic cables at home while staying fully juiced no matter where he is. It’s a gift that’ll make him feel savvy and think of you every time he leaves home.

Jefferson’s Ocean

There’s no whiskey on earth quite like Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon. While nearly all bourbons are aged for various amounts of time, Jefferson’s Ocean takes to the sea to deliver a pour unlike any other. Starting with mature straight bourbon whiskey, Jefferson’s has created an extra-aging process that involves putting its barrels on a ship at sea for an average of six months. That’s right, this bourbon is more well-traveled than you are. The bourbon’s voyage across the world’s oceans provides constant motion and changing temperatures, all while letting the barrels soak in that salty sea air. High-quality bourbon sloshing around in such a unique environment results not just in a totally unique premium whiskey, with notes of caramel, sea salt, and toffee—but in a story in a bottle to share with your old man. And who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you to hit the high seas together. After all, you’ll be seeing for yourselves what good some time out on the ocean can do.

Image may contain Alcohol Beverage Liquor Boat Transportation Vehicle and Whisky
Image may contain Alcohol Beverage Liquor and Whisky

Jefferson’s Bourbon

A bourbon as unique as Jefferson’s Ocean naturally starts with a strong foundation. Before heading out to sea, it begins its life as the original Jefferson’s Bourbon. A blend of premium bourbons that was designed for smooth sipping and as a base for perfect cocktails, it’s a cornerpiece for any respectable bar cart. Including a bottle with your gift will give you a chance to compare and contrast a pair of excellent and unique whiskeys with your dad. Whether he’s a bourbon connoisseur or a newcomer, it’ll be a conversation starter and a great excuse to sit, relax, and enjoy some quality time together. And is there a more appropriate cocktail to celebrate Father’s Day with than the classic old-fashioned? The jokes practically write themselves; I’ll leave the specifics to you.

A Record Player with Built-In Wireless Connectivity

Image may contain Cd Player Electronics Boat Transportation and Vehicle

Nothing helps bridge a generational divide like music, be that because you and your dad share the same taste or because it’s really fun to rag on him for being a huge smooth jazz fan. And if your dad grew up in the golden age of vinyl, he’s probably got a real soft spot for the warm sound and large artwork that’s a hallmark of records. The problem with record players is that they generally weren’t designed with modern listening habits in mind. If he’s got a wireless speaker setup, getting an old turntable to play nice can be an infuriating (and expensive) ordeal. That is unless you get him a record player designed with such modern conveniences in mind. It’s the perfect bridge of past and present, letting your dad indulge in his old vinyl collection while using the best technology the 21st century has to offer. And if you’re really feeling generous, you can throw in some choice keytar records along with it, just to show him that today really is his day.

A Personal Photography/Videography Drone

Image may contain Animal Bird Flying Aircraft Transportation Vehicle Helicopter Appliance Ceiling Fan and Device

Is there a gadget that feels straight out of the future more than the drone? We might not have flying cars yet, but these are the next best thing. It still feels surreal that a personal quadcopter is well within reach, especially one that lets you mount a camera to it. Blow your dad’s mind by gifting him the ability to take breathtaking photos and videos from high in the sky. It’s a cutting-edge gadget that feels like a new toy, the perfect combo to give him that kid-like feeling when he opens the box. Once it’s up in the air, he’ll be able to see his surroundings from a completely new vantage point—hey, is that his frisbee on the roof? The one you claimed someone must’ve stolen back in 1998? Wow, it’s amazing how eye-opening a new perspective on things can be.

A High-Quality Burr Coffee Grinder

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Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art form, and as any artist will tell you, the right tools make all the difference. A burr coffee grinder will upgrade your dad’s coffee game by always grinding the beans to an exact, consistent size that’s optimal for whatever brewing method he prefers. That means grounds in a French press will be big enough not to get squeezed through the filter and grounds for a pour-over setup will be the exact right size to extract as much flavor from the beans as possible. It might seem like a simple thing, but if his morning cup of coffee is an important ritual in his life, a high-end grinder will let him start every day off right.

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