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5 Top Companies Hiring Oncology Jobs



Pictured: Female scientist uses microscope for lab research/iStock, Jacob Wackerhausen

Oncology professionals are in high demand in science/R&D, as illustrated by the over 150 open jobs listed on BioSpace. The only science/R&D discipline with more job postings is biotechnology. While there are oncology openings across the United States, the majority are based in California, Illinois and New Jersey. 

If you’re interested in an oncology job, check out the opportunities at these top five companies. 

  1. Amgen has dozens of open positions in multiple states—including California—as well as in Washington, D.C. Jobs include oncology portfolio manager, director of oncology research and senior oncology specialist.  

  1. Daiichi Sankyo has dozens of job openings in multiple states, including California, New Jersey and Texas. Jobs include associate director of biostatistics-oncology, early oncology global team lead and senior director of global oncology medical affairs.  

  1. AbbVie has dozens of open positions in California, Florida and Illinois, with most based in Illinois. Jobs include senior medical director of oncology early development, biomarker program manager and senior manager of statistics (oncology). 

  1. Regeneron has over 20 job openings in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, with most located in New York. Roles include associate manager of sample management (oncology), senior associate scientist of immuno-oncology and associate director of regulatory affairs strategy-oncology.  

  1. Moderna has over 10 open positions in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Jobs include associate director of program management, therapeutics; director of global medical affairs-oncology; and senior scientist of immunoinformatics, oncology bioinformatics. 

As you consider these open positions, remember to check out our job search toolkit, which features multiple resources to help you make your next career move. 

Angela Gabriel is content manager, life sciences careers, at BioSpace. You can reach her at and follow her on LinkedIn.  

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