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40 designs hit the runway at annual WVHS newspaper fashion



May 23, 2024

Warwick Valley High School art students presented their annual Newspaper Fashion Show on Wednesday. The runway show included 40 student-designed garments, each created using newspaper as their primary “textile.”


The event has grown to become one of the school’s most anticipated events of the spring season, and this year’s show drew a huge crowd of students, faculty and families. This year’s fashion show theme was “alternative rock,” and many of the designs reflected fashion forward cues from the music world


“We love this event year after year, not just for the excitement of the memorable runway moments, but for the creativity and ingenuity it brings out in our students,” said art teacher Kristen Spano. “What these students are able to pull off — manipulating paper to create durable base layers, layering, folding rosettes, creating delicate details and features — it’s just incredible. The energy they’ve put into this year’s projects has been off the charts, and it was wonderful to see so much support from the students’ peers and their families today.”


Multiple WVHS departments collaborated on Wednesday’s event: Kirk Thomas’ Communications class, which provided music and videography; Kathleen Bettello’s Cosmetology students did hair and makeup; Rocco Manno and his students handled set design and set-up; Ed Avila’s Criminal Justice class provided security. 


Here is a look at the designs. A list of designers is included below.



  • Oceane Sita Wuttke
  • Erik Augusta
  • Sofia Ayupov
  • Hailey Camilleri
    (Model: Jaela Artache)
  • Mia Rose Battifarano
    Jazmyne Faith Bonadies
  • Finn Kennedy
  • Brigid Bubenik
  • Caralina Vincenza Cassara
  • Chloe Dosogne
    (Model: Ava Jones)
  • Hannah Sansone
  • AbigailJoan Dunn
  • Juely Eileen Duran
  • Ashleigh White
  • Natalia Elizabeth Griffith-Alvarez
  • Sadie Hankins
  • Eliza Anne Barnett
  • Marissa Kara King
  • Chelsea Liang
  • Lily Mahoney
    (Model: Maddy Weldon)
  • Jaida Martinez
  • Jamison McVeigh (Model: Ally Starr)
  • Francesca Rose Mikos
  • Emma Michele Miller
  • Arlo Moller
  • Shannon Murray
  • Adriana Natoli
  • Tyreese Pierre
  • Danielle Prestia
  • Kadence Redner
  • Maddie Reynolds
  • Sydney McDougall
  • Alexzendria Rosario
  • Lillian Rother
  • Jenna Rose Grady
  • Talia Lucia Sauro
  • Mackenzie Sciarra
    (Model: Sara Venter)
  • Freya Inese Webb
  • Madelyn Grace Sisco
  • Violet Tinnirello
    (Model:Maddie Dejesus)
  • Dennery Simon
  • Mia Sciortino
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