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32 Products To Try If You Love To Travel But Hate The Journey



If you wanna catch some shuteye, use quiet mode to completely block out any surrounding noise. It also comes with aware mode so you can hear everything going on around you *and* your fave tunes. The third mode, immersion mode, gives you spatial audio so you can feel like you’re at the Guts World Tour.

Promising review:These headphones are a game hanger. As an avid music enthusiast, frequent traveler, and love of movies in a loud and busy household, these headphones have improved my audio experiences in ways I never knew were possible. First and foremost, the noise cancellation is unparalleled. The moment you put these on, the outside world fades away. However, it still offers the ability to be aware of your surroundings when needed without stopping your audio. If you are traveling you don’t need to worry about the headphones going out on you, because the battery life is incredible. As with all Bose products the craftmanship and quality is top-notch. I have been hesitant to purchase Bose headphones in the past because I just didn’t think that I would be able to tell enough of a difference. I was wrong. I am beyond excited to have these headphones, and it has added so much to my entertainment enjoyment.” —P.O.

Get them from Amazon for $429 (available in three colors).

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